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Zell Ultimate Weapon

Weapon Name


Magazine Needed

Weapons Monthly : August Issue

Items Needed

  • 1x Adamantine
  • 4x Dragon Skin
  • 1x Fury Fragment

How To Get Items

Malboro Tentacle

To get the item, you will need to go to Long Horn Island which is located above Deling City, if you just go plain north from Deling City, you should come to a small yet long landpiece which is surrounded by shores. To fight the Adamantoise to get the item (you can either mug it or fight them until they drop it) run along the beach. Mostly, you will encounter the Fastitocalon, but just keep trying, and eventually, you’ll encounter the Adamantoise.
*Note* The Adamantoise looks like a turtle like creature, only bigger .The Adamantoise always fights with a partner, another Adamantoise.

Dragon Skin

The Anacoundar is located outside Timber and in the Hasberry Plains. When you encounter the Anacoundar, just mug it, and sometimes you’ll get the Dragon Skin, so just keep on muggin the Anacoundars and you’ll get it.
*Note* Out of many monsters, I picked out Anacoundar, as it is really easy.

Fury Fragment

You can mug this item from quite a few monsters, including Blue Dragons and Grendels.
*Note* This item is a very rare item