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Quistis Ultimate Weapon

Weapon Name

Save The Queen

Magazine Needed

Weapons Monthly: August Issue

Items Needed

  • 2x Malboro Tentacle
  • 4x Shar Spike
  • 4x Energy Crystal

How To Get Items

Malboro Tentacle

Before the surface turns red in Esthar, you can find this enemy around that area, but when the surface turns red, you will find the Malboro in the Grandidi Forests, which can only be accessed via Ultimecias Castle in Disc 4, meaning a major drawback seeing that you’ll need the Malboro Tentacles not only for Save The Queen but also to obtain GF DoomTrain. But! If you missed the chance at Esthar, but REALLY want to obtainSave The Queen in Disc 3, you can just take the long way. Learn Card Mod RF from Quezacoatl and get 8 Malboro Cards, as 4 cards will refine into 1 Malboro Tentacle.

*Note* If you’re planning on fighting Malboro, be sure to ATLEAST junction 100x Berserk , Confuse and Sleep to Status Def-J for all characters for some protection against ‘Bad Breath’

Sharp Spike

You can either look for it at Serengetti Plains, The Sewers of Deling City or at the Lenown Plains. Just Mug the Mantis until you get the Sharp Spike, and if you instead get a Grand Mantis card, you can just refine it into a Sharp Spike.

*Note* There are other enemies that drop this item, but I choose this one (The Grand Mantis) out of all the others, because you can find it at so many places

Energy Crystal

Rarely, monsters outside of Esthar (when the surface has turned red) Drop the so called item “Energy Crystal”.

*Note* Nothing special really, just keep on killing Toramas, Imps, Behemoths, Iron Giants as they come along and eventually you’ll get it. But if you encounter an Elnoyle (VERY rare) you can mug it for the item