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Battle 1

Location Orbonne Monastery
Objective Defeat all enemies!
Enemy Units Lezales (Knight), Archer x3, Chemist x1.
Recommened Experience Level You start here, so it doesn’t matter.
Treasures None.

This is a very easy battle. You only get to control Ramza here, all
the other friend characters will fight for themselves. Just attack
with Ramza, and let the others do the work for you.

Battle 2

Location Magic City Gariland
Objective Defeat all enemies!
Enemy Units Squire x4, Chemist x1.
Recommended Eperience Level 1
Treasures None.

This battle is pretty straight-forward, Delita will help you attack
stronger enemies, while Ramza and the Squires should head to beat the
various other enemies. Use 1 or 2 Chemists to cure.

Battle 3

Location Mandalia Plains
Objective Save Algus!
Enemy Units Squire x4, Red Panther x1, Thief x1.
Recommended Experience Level 2
Treasures (0, 0) Dagger or Potion
(4, 4) Broad Sword or Hi-Potion
(4, 12) Rod or Antidote
(8, 6) Oak Staff or Eye Drop

Algus is a very powerful character, so don’t worry too much about
saving him. Get rid of the Thief and the Red Panther first, they are
of the most threat. Killing the Squires shouldn’t be too hard.

Battle 4

Location Sweegy Woods
Objective Defeat all enemies!
Enemy Units Goblin x2, Black Goblin x2, Bomb x2, Red Panther x1.
Recommended Experience Level 3
Treasures (0, 1) Bow Gun or Echo Grass
(1, 9) Escucheon or Phoenix Down
(5, 11) Leather Helment or Potion
(6, 6) Leather Hat or Hi-Potion

Make sure to kill the bombs before they are wounded. If a bomb is
wounded, it will very well destruct as it’s final attack, hurting
members of your group. Concentrate on the bombs first, then the
Goblins and the Panther.

Battle 5

Location Slums of Dorter
Objective Defeat all enemies!
Enemy Units Archer x3, Wizard x2, Knight x1.
Recommended Experience Level 4
Treasures (0, 11) Leather Armor or Antidote
(4, 3) Clothes or Eye Drop
(6, 14) Mythril Knife or Echo Grass
(7, 1) Long Sword or Phoenix Down

The Archer on top of the roof is the biggest threat, since he can hit
down on your enemies. Delita and Algus will head up towards him to fight
him. Take out the Wizards, next. Make sure your characters aren’t
clumped together so the Wizards can’t hit all your characters with one

Battle 6

Location Cellar of the Sand Mouse
Enemy Units Knight x3, Monk x2, Archer x1.
Recommended Experience Level 5
Treasures (5, 4) Bronze Helmet or Potion
(6, 2) Feather Hat or Hi-Potion
(10, 0) Linen Cuirass or Antidote
(10, 9) Leather Outfit or Eye Drop

Kill the Monks! Make sure the Monks are killed before anything else.
Their attacks are very damaging. They shouldn’t be too hard to kill,
though, since they are unarmed. After the Monks, crowd around the
Knights, and the battle shouldn’t be too hard.

Battle 7

Location Thieves’ Fort
Objective Defeat Miluda!
Enemy Units Thief x3, Priest x2, Knight x1.
Recommended Experience Level 6
Treasures (1, 10) Flame Rod or Antidote
(2, 10) Ice Rod or Eye Drop
(5, 9) White Staff or Echo Grass
(9, 0) Long Bow or Phoenix Down

Make sure you kill the Thieves first, since they can charm your
members and turn them against you. Take care of the Priests next, since
they can raise enemy characters from the dead. After than, the Knight
shouldn’t be too tough.

Battle 8

Location Lenalia Plateau
Objective Defeat all enemies!
Enemy Units Knight x3, Wizard x2, Time Mage x1.
Recommended Experience Level 7
Treasures (2, 8) Buckler or Potion
(4, 4) Iron Helmet or Hi-Potion
(5, 10) Red Hood or Antidote
(10, 6) Bronze Armor or Eye Drop

At first, all of the enemies will be clumped. Take advantage and cast
the best attacking magic on the group of enemies. After that, take out
the Time Mage and Wizards. After defeating them, round your characters
to the back and sides of the Knights, and kill them.