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Battle 23

Location: Back of Lesalia Castle
Objective: Defeat Zalmo!
Enemy Units: Knight x3, Monk x2, Zalmo (Holy Priest).
Recommended Experience Level: 28
Treasures: (0, 10) Brigandine or Ether
(8, 0) Diamond Armor or Remedy
(9, 8) Hidden Knife or Phoenix Down
(9, 10) Ancient Sword or Holy Water

At the beginning of the battle, Alma will cast MBarrier on Ramza,
making him seemingly invincible! Use this advantage to quickly take
out any front line fighters, have Mustadio shoot enemies, and use
Agrias’s Sword techniques.

Battle 24

Location: Underground Book Storage Second Floor
Objective: Defeat all enemies!
Enemy Units: Lancer x3, Time Mage x2, Chemist x1
Recommended Experience Level: 30
Treasures: (0, 9) Murasame or Potion
(4, 3) Poison Rod or Hi-Potion
(5, 0) Mythril Bow or Ether
(9, 4) Musk Rod or Remedy

Destroy the Chemist. He is the groups source of restorative power. If
the Lancers jump, make sure to move out of the way quickly. Bolt magic
works well on the Lancers, as does the Titan summon. The Time Mages
should be taken out last.

Battle 25

Location: Underground Book Storage Third Floor
Objective: Defeat Izlude!
Enemy Units: Knight x2, Archer x2, Summoner x1, Izlude (Knight Blade).
Recommended Experience Level: 31
Treasures: (0, 0) C Bag or Phoenix Down
(5, 6) Ice Shield or Holy Water
(9, 9) Flame Shield or Potion
(11, 7) Twist Headband or Hi-Potion

It’s very good to have long range attacks for this battle. Izlude can
jump on your characters, and you can’t steal or break his equippment.
Nailing the Archers and Summoner from afar is good, and using a Ninja
on Izlude is also good.

Battle 26

Location: Underground Book Storage First Floor
Objective: Defeat Wiegraf!
Enemy Units: Knight x2, Archer x2, Wizard x1, Wiegraf (White Knight).
Recommended Experience Level: 31
Treasures: (1, 11) Feather Boots or Ether
(2, 0) Magic Guantlet or Remedy
(6, 6) Reflect Ring or Phoenix Down
(8, 0) N-Kai Armlet or Holy Water

Make sure your characters have long range attacks again in this battle.
If you are too close to Wiegraf, he can use very damaging (and possibly
fatal) sword techniques that are very powerful. Defeating Wiegraf is
your first priority, then go for the Archers and Wizard, then the

Battle 27

Location: Grog Hill
Enemy Units: Squire x2, Chemist x2, Archer x1, Thief x1.
Recommended Experience Level: 33
Treasures: (0, 1) Main Gauche or Potion
(0, 12) Ninja Knife or Hi-Potion
(9, 1) Sleep Sword or Ether
(9, 8) Heaven’s Cloud or Remedy

The enemies start clumped, so you should have no trouble quickly
defeating them. Casting a summon spell on the group of enemies early
in the battle is a good way to quickly defeat the enemies. Agrias can
also help you by using a good range Sword technique (Lightning Stab,
Stasis Sword).

Battle 28

Location: Yardow Fort City
Objective: Save Rafa!
Enemy Units: Ninja x3, Summoner x2, Malak (Hell Knight).
Recommended Experience Level: 34
Treasures: (4, 7) Slasher or Phoenix Down
(4, 11) Flame Whip or Holy Water
(9, 4) Mythril Gun or Potion
(9, 9) Hunting Bow or Hi-Potion

It is very important that you kill the Ninjas quickly, and kill them
all. They use Phoenix Downs frequently to revive other fallen enemies,
and should be destoryed quickly. Malak shouldn’t pose much of a threat,
his Hell Knight attacks hardly hit at all, and if they do, they don’t
hit for much damage. Use your first turns to defeat the Ninjas and
Summoners, then go for Malak.

Battle 29

Location: Yuguo Woods
Objective: Defeat all enemies!
Enemy Units: Time Mage x2, Wizard x2, Gust x1, Revnant x1, Ghoul x1.
Recommended Experience Level: 35
Treasures: (0, 1) Monster Dictionary or Ether
(4, 2) Mythril Spear or Remedy
(7, 5) Iron Fan or Phoenix Down
(9, 5) Persia or Holy Water

This battle takes place on a small area, and it really not that hard.
Make sure to kill the Ghoul, Revnant, and Gust first, as they pose the
most threat with drain and sleep type attacks. After beating them, the
Wizards should be defeated next with Ninjas and Lancers, and the Time
Mages shouldn’t pose much of a threat at all.