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Battle 30

Location: Before the Gate of Riovanes Castle
Objective: Defeat all enemies!
Enemy Units: Knight x3, Archer x3, Malak (Hell Knight).
Recommended Experience Level: 36
Treasures: (0, 10) Magic Shuriken or Potion
(3, 3) Aegis Shield or Hi-Potion
(7, 4) Diamond Helmet or Ether
(11, 11) Holy Miter or Remedy

It’s a good idea to go for Malak later, since when you defeat him, Rafa
will transport away with him. Keep alert from the Archers from above,
and hit them with guns and Fire magic, or just hit with Ninjas. Look
out for the Knight in the recess of the castle gate and the wall.

Battle 31

Location: Within Riovanes Castle
Objective: Defeat Wiegraf! then Defeat Velius!
Enemy Units: First battle: Wiegraf (White Knight)
Second battle: Archaic Demon x3, Velius (Warlock)
Recommended Experience Level: 37
Treasures: (0, 9) Diamond Armor or Potion
(2, 6) Judo Outfit or Hi-Potion
(5, 4) Chameleon Robe or Ether
(7, 9) Germinas Boots or Remedy

At first, you must beat Wiegraf with Ramza alone. Doing this is actually
not too hard. Make Ramza a Ninja with Chemist Ability “Auto Potion”.
Doing this will use a potion on Ramza every time Wiegraf hits him, which
is very useful for winning this battle. Just have Ramza keep hitting
Wiegraf with Ninja Swords until he dies. After this, he will transform
into Velius, and you will get to use your entire group. There are also
3 Archaic demons, which are not too much of a threat. You’ll want to get
rid of Velius quickly, as he starts charging up the Cyclops summon. Use
the most powerful attacks and magic on Velius until he dies, and then
take care of the Archaic Demons.

Battle 32

Location: Roof of Riovanes
Objective: Save Rafa!
Enemy Units: Elmdor (Arc Knight), Cecil (Assassin), Lede (Assassin).
Recommended Experience Level: 38
Treasures: (0, 3) Jade Armlet or Maiden’s Kiss
(7, 3) Elf Mantle or Phoenix Down
(7, 5) Reflect Ring or Phoenix Down
(7, 7) Short Edge or Hi-Potion

This battle can be the easiest or the hardest battle in the game,
depending on your actions. You’ll want to go after Elmdor with
everything you’ve got early. Keep pelting only Elmdor with Jumps, Throw
weapons, or just plain attacks. Making him critical will cause all of
the enemies to transport away.

Battle 33

Location: Doguola Pass
Enemy Units: Lancer x2, Wizard x2, Knight x1, Archer x1.
Recommended Experience Level: 42
Treasures: (0, 4) Diamond Sword or Ether
(6, 7) Gold Staff or Maiden’s Kiss
(5, 1) Wizard Rod or Remedy
(9, 0) Windslash Bow or Phoenix Down

Get rid of the Wizards quickly! These Wizards have high level spells,
which can totally whip the party! The Lancers can be taken care of with
Ninjas and Black Magic of your own, and the Archer and Knight shouldn’t
pose too much of a threat.

Battle 34

Location: Bervenia Free City
Objective: Defeat Meliadoul!
Enemy Units: Archer x2, Summoner x2, Ninja x1, Meliadoul (Divine
Recommended Experience Level: 43
Treasures: (0, 8) Bloody Strings or Potion
(7, 2) Partisan or Ether
(5, 7) Papyrus Plate or Hi-Potion
(9, 10) Gokuu Rod or Remedy

It is a very good idea to have someone with “Steal Weapon” ability to
steal from Meliadoul. She carries the Defender, one of the best swords
in the game. If you steal that from her, she shouldn’t even be able to
hurt you. Using a Lancer and “Ignore Height” should be able to get
under the rooftop and Jump on Meliadoul quickly. Kill the Summoners
with Ninjas or Monks, and the Ninja will most likely throw things or
flee. Using Black Magic on him.

Battle 35

Location: Finath River
Objective: Defeat all enemies!
Enemy Units: Black, Red, or Yellow Chocobo x5, Uribo or Black or Red or
Yellow Chocobo x1.
Recommended Experience Level: 44
Treasures: (1, 5) P Bag or Maiden’s Kiss
(3, 14) Black Hood or Potion
(2, 1) Diamond Shield or Phoenix Down
(9, 4) Power Sleeve or Hi-Potion

It’s a good idea to reset this battle if there are all Red Chocobos on
the battlefield, because each Chocobo doing Choco Meteor is very harsh,
and can easily kill your entire party within the first too rounds.
After than, Samurai Draw-Outs and Ninja Throw or Ninja attacks work very well.

Battle 36

Location: Church Outside the Town
Objective: Defeat Zalmo!
Enemy Units: Knight x3, Oracle x2, Zalmo (Holy Priest).
Recommended Experience Level: 45
Treasures: (2, 8) White Robe or Ether
(4, 4) Magic Ring or Remedy
(4, 5) 108 Gems or Maiden’s Kiss
(7, 4) Assassin Dagger or Phoenix Down

This battle is very easy if people have “Ignore Height” ability of the
Lancer, since parts of this battle are very high. You’ll want to
Concentrate on the Knights and Oracles first, because Zalmo is really
not too much of a threat. If you hurt him once, chances are that he’ll
try to heal. Delita makes a good fighting force here, and can use some
great Sword techniques, like Agrias.