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Battle 49

Location: Colliery Underground Third Floor
Objective: Defeat all enemies!
Enemy Units: Chemist x5
Recommended Experience Level: 45+
Treasures: (2, 2) Mythril Knife or Soft
(3, 5) Mythril Sword or Soft
(9, 6) Mythril Gun or Soft
(10, 1) Mythril Bow or Soft

This battle is very easy. Each of the Chemists are very weak, and don’t
display any hard attacks. Just nail them with regular attacks.

Battle 50

Location: Colliery Underground Second Floor
Object: Defeat all enemies!
Enemy Units: Thief x2, Chemist x1, Behemoth x1, King Behemoth x1.
Recommended Experience Level: 45+
Treasures: (2, 1) Mythril Shield or Soft
(6, 10) Mythril Helmet or Soft
(10, 5) Mythril Armor or Soft
(10, 12) Myhtril Vest or Soft

There aren’t many enemies here, and most can be taken out with regular
attacks. Mustadio’s long range attacks are also useful. The Chemist
here is equipped with the Blaze Gun, one of the 3 best guns.

Battle 51

Location: Colliery Underground First Floor
Objective: Defeat all enemies!
Enemy Units: Chemist x2, Blue Dragon x2, Uribo x1.
Recommended Experience Level: 45+
Treasures: (1, 0) Mythril Knife or Soft
(2, 5) Mythril Sword or Soft
(4, 2) Mythril Gun or Soft
(9, 6) Mythril Bow or Soft

Make sure the Blue Dragons are taken out first, as their Ice Bracelet
skill does a lot of damage (200-400). It’s a good idea to have Beowulf
use his “Don’t Act” skill on them very early, and then just take them
out later in the battle. The Chemists are not tough at all, and the
Uribo can be taken out from a few normal attacks.

Battle 52

Location: Underground Passage in Goland
Objective: Save Reis!
Enemy Units: Plague x3, Ochu x2, Sinogue (Archaic Demon).
Recommended Experience Level: 45+
Treasures: (1, 3) Mythril Shield or Soft
(2, 15) Mythril Helmet or Soft
(4, 7) Mythril Armor or Soft
(5, 0) Mythril Vest or Soft

Get to Reis quickly, because the Archaic Demon’s Giga Flare magic attack
is harsh on Reis. It should only take about one hit of it, though, and
it uses Ice Bracelet to take care of some of the enemies. Just keep
pelting the enemies with regular attacks and Orlandu’s sword skills.

Note: To get to Nelveska Temple, the next battle location I’m giving,
you must first go to Zeltennia Bar and hear the rumor on the
“Cursed Island”.

Battle 53

Location: Nelveska Temple
Objective: Defeat Worker 7!
Enemy Units: Cocatoris x3, Hydra x2, Worker 7 (Steel Giant).
Recommended Experience Level: 55+
Treasures: (1, 2) Escutcheon Shield (Best shield in the game)
(1, 10) Sasuke Knife or Elixir
(3, 8) Nagra Rock or Elixir
(5, 2) Javelin (Best spear in the game)

This battle can be very easy, if you play it right. At first, use the
most powerful attacks you’ve got on Worker 7, and hit him with Worker
8’s Dispose skill, and Orlandu’s sword skills. After you’ve gotten
Worker 7 into critical, he will have an extra tank, but it’s only 1 HP.
Once you’ve beaten Worker 7, you’ve won the battle. Try not to worry
too much about the other enemies, but using Beowulf’s “Don’t Act” skill
is very helpful.

Note: When you go to Zarghidas Trade City after battle #53, you will
be able to fight the coming battle and get Cloud as a member of
your party.

Battle 54

Location: Zarghidas Trade City
Objective: Save Cloud!
Enemy Units: Thief x3, Squire x2, Monk x1.
Recommended Experience Level: 55+
Treasures: (0, 2) Reflect Ring or Soft
(0, 9) Defense Ring or Holy Water
(0, 10) Magic Ring or Remedy
(9, 12) Angel Ring or Phoenix Down

You’ve seen all these enemies before, so you shouldn’t have a hard time
slaughtering them. Just use your normal attacks and sword skills that
you’ve been using up to this point, and this battle’s easy.

Note: After you’ve gotten Cloud, and gained some levels with all of
your characters, it’s a good idea to go through Deep Dungeon.
Many of the game’s most rare items and equippment is found here,
and it’s wise to go through. You can also pick up the Zodiac
Summon here, so see section “Getting Zodiac Summon”. All of the
enemies encountered in the Deep Dungeon are random.