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Battle 16

Location: Zigolis Swamp
Objective: Defeat all enemies!
Enemy Units: Skeleton x2, Ghoul x2, Bone Snatch x1, Flotiball or Morbol x1.
Recommended Experience Level: 18
Treasures: (1, 0) Asura Knife or Ether
(4, 4) Koutetsu Knife or Echo Grass
(6, 11) Giant Axe or Soft
(11, 1) Romanda Gun or Phoenix Down

It’s very useful to use Mustadio’s Seal Evil ability here, as it can
easily do away with a Ghoul or Bone Snatcher, allowing your characters
to go after the other enemies. Make sure you have strong attackers for
this fight, and using curative items on the enemies can also help.

Battle 17

Location: Slums in Goug
Objective: Defeat all enemies!
Enemy Units: Thief x2, Summoner x2, Archer x2.
Recommended Experience Level: 20
Treasures: (2, 5) Crossbow or Potion
(2, 8) Lightning Bow or Hi-Potion
(4, 4) Ramia Harp or Ether
(10, 2) Battle Dictionary or Echo Grass

Before this battle, equip a few Romanda guns on your characters. These
guns are great, since they have decent power and are long range. Nail
the Summoners with these, and concentrate sword/knife power on Archers and Thieves.

Battle 18

Location: Bariaus Valley
Objective: Save Agrias!
Enemy Units: Knight x2, Archer x2, Wizard x2.
Recommended Experience Level: 22
Treasures: (0, 11) Javelin or Soft
(1, 2) Battle Bamboo or Phoenix Down
(11, 7) Fire Ball or Potion
(11, 11) Water Ball or Hi-Potion

Agrias will help a lot with this battle, because of her very strong
sword techniques. Use Mustadio to hit the Wizards from afar, and take
care of the other enemies with strong attacks.

Battle 19

Location: Golgorand Execution Site
Objective: Defeat all enemies!
Enemy Units: Knight x3, Archer x2, Time Mage x2, Gafgarion (Dark
Recommended Experience Level: 24
Treasures: (0, 8) Lightning Ball or Ether
(4, 3) Gold Shield or Echo Grass
(7, 2) Gold Helmet or Soft
(7, 8) Green Beret or Phoenix Down

Try to use Weapon Break on Gafgarion. Without Night Sword, he isn’t
much of a fighter. After defeating him, try to use Mustadio and Chemists
to hit the Archers and Knights from far away, while casting magic on
them. The Time Mages should be taken care of last.

Battle 20

Location: At the Gate of Lionel Castle
Objective: Defeat all enemies!
Enemy Units: Knight x2, Archer x2, Summoner x1, Gafgarion (Dark Knight).
Recommended Experience Level: 25
Treasures: (1, 7) Gold Armor or Potion
(2, 1) Wizard Outfit or Hi-Potion
(2, 12) Wizard Robe or Ether
(3, 7) Rubber Shoes or Echo Grass

It is very important that you have Ramza hit the switch, letting your
other characters come and help you fight Gafgarion! He is very hard
otherwise! Leave a few members on the other side of the gate to kill
those enemies, and have the rest attack Gafgarion.

Battle 21

Location: Inside Lionel Castle
Objective: Defeat Queklain!
Enemy Units: Queklain (Impure King)
Recommended Experience Level: 25
Treasures: (3, 6) Defense Ring or Potion
(3, 8) Defense Armlet or Hi-Potion
(4, 6) Wizard Mantle or Ether
(4, 8) Bizen Boat or Remedy

Try to spread your characters apart near the beginning of the fight.
Doing so will not let Queklain cast it’s magic on a large part of your
fighting force. This battle shouldn’t be too hard, have Mustadio hit
it with a gun, have Agrias use Lightning Stab, and have Ramza attack
with a Ninja.

Chapter 3: The Valiant

Battle 22

Location: Goland Coal City
Objective: Save Olan!
Enemy Units: Theif x3, Chemist x2, Mediator x1.
Recommended Experience Level: 27
Treasures: (0, 9) Wizard Staff or Phoenix Down
(4, 1) Flail or Holy Water
(4, 6) Spear or Potion
(4, 8) Cross Helmet or Hi-Potion
This battle should be very easy after Olan executes the “Stop Galaxy”
magic spell, which plagues each enemy on the screen with Don’t Move,
Don’t Attack, and/or Stop. Just attack or use Black Magic after the
enemys are senseless.