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Battle 66

Location: Underground Book Storage Fifth Floor
Objective: Defeat Rofel!
Enemy Units: Wizard x2, Summoner x2, Time Mage x1, Rofel (Divine
Recommended Experience Level: 65
Treasures: (0, 14) Elixir
(5, 6) Elixir
(6, 6) Elixir
(11, 14) Elixir

Make sure you either use Orlandu or Meliadoul to destory Rofel’s weapon quickly! He can pull some really offensive sword skills, and breaking “Save the Queen” sword prevents him from doing so. Both Orlandu and Meliadoul will be helpful for disarming, and the other characters should have no trouble beating the Magic casters with normal attacks.

Battle 67

Location: Murond Death City
Objective: Defeat Kletian!
Enemy Units: Time Mage x2, Ninja x2, Samurai x2, Kletain (Sorcerer).
Recommended Experience Level: 65
Treasures: (0, 8) Elixir
(11, 11) Elixir
(3, 11) Elixir
(7, 9) Elixir

Defeating Kletain alone will win you this battle, so have Orlandu and Ramza just hit him twice, and he should be dead.

Battle 68

Location: Lost Sacred Precincts
Objective: Defeat Balk!
Enemy Units: Chemist x1, Hydra x1, Hyudra x1, Tiamat x1, Dark Behemoth x1, Balk (Engineer).
Recommended Experience Level: 65
Treasures: (7, 5) Elixir
(2, 7) Elixir
(4, 13) Elixir

This battle is difficult, the Hydra and Hyudra poses the most threat. Since the Hydra can attack in 3 directions at one time, it’s a good idea to use Beowulf’s “Don’t Act” on him, or use your jump skills with Lancers. After the Hydra and Hyudra are taken care of, Normal attacks should pretty much do it.

Battle 69

Location: The Graveyard of Airships
Objective: Defeat Hashmalum then Defeat Altima!
Enemy Units: Hashmalum (Regulator), Altima (Holy Angel and Arch Angel).
Recommended Experience Level: 65
Treasures: (4, 15) Elixir
(4, 14) Elixir
(7, 0) Elixir
(1, 0) Elixir

Okay, here’s the battle. The last battle in the game. Both of the monsters have very high HP (about 1700-2000 each), and have attacks that inflict bad status along with HP damage. Attack him head on with the most powerful attacks you have, and it shouldn’t be that hard. Orlandu and Agrias help a lot here, and Ramza should be able to Jump or hit them twice with Ninja ability “Two Swords”.

The game be over before you know it. Enyjoy the fmv scene and their is not no second ending. (you know what i mean)