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Battle 9

Location Windmill Shed
Objective Defeat Wiegraf!
Enemy Units Wiegraf (White Knight), Monk x2, Yellow Chocobo x1, Knight x1.
Recommended Experience Level 10
Treasures (0, 9) Leather Vest or Echo Grass
(3, 4) Linen Robe or Phoenix Down
(5, 8) Small Mantle or Potion
(6, 0) Mage Masher or Hi-Potion

Make sure you go for the Yellow Chocobo and Monks first. The Yellow
Chocobo can heal the characters, and make it harder to win, and the
Monks can deliver some harsh attacks. After defeating them, try to
stay away from Wiegraf and hit him with a Wizard spell. The Knight is
also easily taken down.

Battle 10

Location Fort Zeakden
Objective Defeat Algus!
Enemy Units Knight x3, Wizard x2, Algus (Knight).
Recommended Experience Level 11
Treasures (3, 3) Bronze Shield or Potion
(2, 10) Chain Mail or Hi-Potion
(4, 7) Chain Vest or Antidote
(8, 12) Silk Robe or Eye Drop

Algus focuses a lot on Delita, so try to keep him alive with the
Chemists. Defeat the Knights and Wizards around him by using Bolt
magic, and attack with Ramza. Use long range attacks on Algus, like
Archer skills.
Chapter 2 The Manipulator and the Subservient

Battle 11

Location Dorter Trade City
Objective Defeat all enemies!
Enemy Units Thief x2, Archer x2, Wizard x2.
Recommended Experience Level 12
Treasures (0, 1) Ice Bow or Potion
(2, 6) Shuriken or Hi-Potion
(8, 4) Round Shield or Ether
(8, 10) Barbuta or Echo Grass

This battle should be very easy, Gafgarion’s sword techniques will help
you a lot. Once he travels up the straight, he will fight enemies with
Night Sword, which is very useful for attacking the enemy, and at the
same time, gaining health back. Keep Gafgarion alive and go after the
enemy clump.

Battle 12

Location Araguay Woods
Objective Save Boco!
Enemy Units Goblin x5, Black Goblin x1.
Recommended Experience Level 13
Treasures (3, 5) Headgear or Soft
(4, 2) Mythril Armor or Phoenix Down
(8, 5) Mythril Vest or Potion
(11, 9) Spike Shoes or Hi-Potion

Defeating the Goblins should be very useful, since you’ve been exposed
to them for a long time. Use Black Magic and poweful attacks, and this
battle should be very easy.

Battle 13

Location Zirekile Falls
Objective Save Oveila!
Enemy Units Knight x5, Gafgarion (Dark Night).
Recommended Experience Level 14
Treasures (1, 6) Leather Mantle or Ether
(5, 7) Platina Dagger or Echo Grass
(7, 5) Coral Sword or Soft
(8, 5) Poison Rod or Phoenix Down

A good way to easily win this battle is to unequip Gafgarion of all his
armorment before entering this battle. Then, he can be taken out easily.
After that, Delita should be able to waste away at the Knights with his
sword techniques, while your strongest characters waste the remainder of
the enemies.

Battle 14

Location Zaland Fort City
Objective Save Mustadio!
Enemy Units Knight x2, Archer x2, Wizard x2.
Recommended Experience Level 16
Treasures (0, 2) Rainbow Staff or Potion
(0, 9) Cypress Rod or Hi-Potion
(4, 12) Mythril Shield or Ether
(7, 6) Mythril Helmet or Echo Grass

In my opinion, this is one of the toughest battles in the game. Make
sure you remove the Wizards very quickly at the beginning of this
battle! They will try to nail Mustadio, ending the battle. After that,
Mustadio and your other characters should be able to deliver good blows
to the Archers and Knights.

Battle 15

Location Bariaus Hill
Objective Defeat all enemies!
Enemy Units Knight x2, Summoner x2, Archer x2.
Recommended Experience Level 16
Treasures (3, 6) Triangle Hat or Soft
(8, 0) Plate Mail or Phoenix Down
(11, 6) Adaman Vest or Potion
(13, 2) Power Wrist or Hi-Potion

Make sure you bring a few members around back, so you can kill the
Summoners before they use Mog or Shiva summon. After that, your allies
should be able to easily whip the Archers, and a Wizard can cast good
spells on the Knights.