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Battle 37

Location: Bed Dessert
Objective: Defeat Balk!
Enemy Units: Knight x2, Archer x2, Wizard x1, Balk (Engineer).
Recommended Experience Level: 46
Treasures: (3, 7) Yagyu Darkness or Hi-Potion
(4, 3) Yagyu Darkness or Hi-Potion
(8, 3) Yagyu Darkness or Hi-Potion
(8, 8) Yagyu Darkness or Hi-Potion

The poison shouldn’t be much of a threat to you, you can quickly defeat
Balk and his pals. Balk has the Blaze Gun, and it’s a good idea to take
it from him.

Note: You can pick one of the next two battles at Bethla Garrison,
the South Wall or the North Wall. I recommend taking the South
Wall, since the North wall’s enemies and so high, and it takes
a long time to get up there, not to mention they can attack you,
and you can’t.

Battle 38-A

Location: South Wall of Bethla Garrison
Objective: Defeat all enemies!
Enemy Units: Knight x3, Archer x2, Thief x1, Ninja x1.
Recommended Experience Level: 47
Treasures: (1, 11) Yagyu Darkness or Phoenix Down
(2, 4) Platinum Sword or Hi-Potion
(4, 7) Golden Hairpin or X-Potion
(7, 2) Carabini Mail or Hi-Ether

The enemies are spread out in this battle, so they shouldn’t be too hard
to overtake. It’s a good idea to have Mustadio in this battle, since he
can shoot guns from far away. Cyclops summon is effective early on the
group of Knights.

Battle 38-B

Location: North Wall of Bethla Garrison
Objective: Defeat all enemies!
Enemy Units: Archer x2, Lancer x2, Monk x1, Summoner x1.
Recommended Experience Level: 48
Treasures: (0, 10) Angel Ring or Phoenix Down
(3, 3) Air Knife or Hi-Potion
(10, 7) Rune Blade or X-Potion
(11, 0) Kikuichimoji or Hi-Ether

It is imperitive to have the “Ignore Height” ability of the Lancer in
order to win this battle! The enemies are perched on different heights,
and it makes it much easier. Just keep attacking with Ninjas and
Agrias’s Holy Sword skills, and it shouldn’t be too hard.

Battle 39

Location: In Front of Bethla Garrison’s Sluice
Objective: Open water gate!
Enemy Units: Knight x4, Archer x2, Wizard x2.
Recommended Experience Level: 50
Treasures: (1, 5) Crystal Shield or Hi-Ether
(5, 2) Crystal Helmet or Remedy
(8, 4) Flash Hat or Phoenix Down
(11, 9) Crystal Mail or Hi-Potion

To win this battle, you only have to defeat the Knights on top of the
wall, and press the switches beneath them. To do this, you don’t even
need to kill an enemy. However, if you kill the Knights while they’re
on the switches, you’ll need to wait for them to crystalize in order to
step on the switches. You can only step on the switches with Ramza to
open the flood gate.

Note: Here is a good place to stop and gain some levels, especially
since you have the newly acquired Orlandu, which I think is the
best character in the game. Spend some time gaining levels and
learning the remainder of Orlandu’s Holy Swordsman skills.

Battle 40

Location: Germinas Peak
Objective: Defeat all enemies!
Enemy Units: Archer x3, Thief x2, Ninja x1.
Recommended Experience Level: 56
Treasures: (3, 3) Ninja Long or Potion
(3, 11) Platinum Sword or Hi-Potion
(4, 6) Vanish Mantle or Ether
(7, 4) Morning Star or Remedy

Divide your party into two equal offensive and defensive groups. The
newly acquired Orlandu can cast some great offensive Sword techniques
here, I recommend using Crush Punch or Shellbust Stab, or if your HP
is low, use Night Sword. If there are a group of enemies, use Lightning

Battle 41

Location: Poeskas Lake
Objective: Defeat all enemies!
Enemy Units: Archer x2, Revnant x2, Oracle x1, Summoner x1.
Recommended Experience Level: 58
Treasures: (3, 13) Cashmere or Maiden’s Kiss
(5, 12) Platina Helmet or Phoenix Down
(6, 5) Circlet or Potion
(8, 13) Platina Armor or Hi-Potion

All of the enemies in this battle are undead. Using high potions (such
as X-Potion) on them can have great effects. It shouldn’t be too hard
to crush these baddies with Sword skills and guns, and various healing
along the way.

Battle 42

Location: At the Gate of Limberry Castle
Objective: Defeat all enemies!
Enemy Units: Apanda x4, Assassin x2.
Recommended Experience Level: 60
Treasures: (2, 6) Earth Clothes or Ether
(3, 13) Black Robe or Remedy
(7, 4) Sprint Shoes or Maiden’s Kiss
(7, 10) Bracer or Phoenix Down

This battle may seem very hard, but for me, it was quite easy. All you
have to do to win this battle is get one of the Assassins to critical
HP. To do this, just concentrate Magic and guns on one Assassin! After
it’s critical, you’re done with the battle!