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Battle 43

Location: Inside of Limberry Castle
Objective: Defeat Elmdor!
Enemy Units: Elmdor (Arc Knight), Celia (Assassin), Lede (Assassin).
Recommended Experience Level: 61
Treasures: (0, 10) Dracula Mantle or Potion
(3, 4) Spell Knife or Hi-Potion
(6, 2) Ice Brand or Ether
(9, 0) Muramasa or Remedy

Before this battle, equip as many 108 Gems Armlets as possible! Elmdor
can use Blood Suck, which drains HP and turns you into a vampire, but
108 Gems can stop it. At the beginning of the battle, you can hit all
3 enemies with a Sword skill, which is very imperitive. Use Orlandu to
use Lightning Stab, that should make the Assassins at critical, and
you can use normal attacks to do the rest, this battle shouldn’t be too

Battle 44

Location: Underground Cemetary of Limberry Castle
Objective: Defeat Zalera!
Enemy Units: Knight x2, Skeleton x1, Bone Snatch x1, Living Bone x1,
Zalera (Angel of Death).
Recommended Experience Level: 61
Treasures: (1, 3) Gastrafitis or Hi-Potion
(4, 1) Oberisk or X-Potion
(4, 3) Octagon Rod or Hi-Ether
(5, 10) H Bag or Remedy

The best strategy is to bring Ramza and Orlandu to attack Zalera,
while the other characters are going for the enemies from the back.
Use Beowulf’s “Don’t Act” sword skill, and make the enemies coming
from the back not a threat to the other party members.

Battle 45

Location: Inside of Igros Castle
Objective: Defeat Dycedarg!
Enemy Units: Knight x5, Dycedarg (Lune Knight).
Recommended Experience Level: 62
Treasures: (1, 3) Feath Mantle or Hi-Potion
(4, 9) Thief Hat or X-Potion
(6, 6) Blood Sword or Hi-Ether
(7, 3) Healing Staff or Remedy

This battle should definately consist of Ramza, Orlandu, and Agrias.
Make Agrias go underneath the level of the few knights near Dycedarg,
and you should be able to hit 2 of them with her Lightning Stab Holy
Sword skill. This will help right off, and insure less damage to the
group. Have Orlandu and Ramza start walking up, using their most
powerful attacks. Jumping with the “Ignore Height” ability is very
useful, too.

(Battles 46-48 are missing)