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Alexandria Part 2

You will have to give orders to the Knight’s of Pluto, you have to select the right men for each task. Here are the orders that you should give the Knights:

Gather Information: Blutzen and Kohel
Protect the townspeople: Weimar and Haagen
Contact Lindblum to request reinforcements: Breireicht and Laudo
Begin Preparations to fire the cannons: Mullenkedheim and Dojebon

Once you have given the orders, Beatrix will reward your performance with Angel Earrings. You will gain control over Steiner and your party will consist of both him and Beatrix. Roam the terror strikin streets of Alexandrian and battle any Mistodons that you encounter. Since you have Beatrix with you the next series of battles are not going to be hard. As you attempt to make your way down the streets more monsters will attack, they do deal a fair amount of damage so make sure that you are keeping Steiner and Beatrix’s health up between battles.

Once you gain control over Dagger, head upstairs and move around the railing. Exit from the bottom, head up the stairs and go into the Queen’s Room. Go into the door to the left and climb up the stairs. Climb up the spiral staircase and then climb up the long set of steps all the way to the top. Watch all of the events that transpire and once you gain control over Zidane again, head up the stairs. Exit through the bottom of the screen and head into the room to the left, talk to Mosh to save you game.

You probably remember Tantarian, you can choose to fight him again if you lost the last time. He is pretty hard, so make sure that you have spoken to Mosh and have saved your game before attempting this. If you aren’t interested in fighting Tantarian, skip over the rest of this paragraph as well as the proceeding boss strategy. Head back down to the main floor and proceed through the doorway to the left. Move over to the last bookshelf in the series of them to the left of the room. Notice that book atop the shelf? Press X when the ‘?’ appears above Zidane’s head, select the Try to listen option. Before you fight him make sure that your characters have their best stuff out, or the stuff that will allow them to learn moves that they don’t know.

Equip Freya with Black Belt if you have one, for the HP+20% ability, equip everyone with the Antibody ability. Make sure Zidane is using his Angel Bless if you synthed one. When you are ready challenge the voice and the battle will begin.


Tantarian can be quite a challenge, so you should consider your character’s levels and equipment before attempting to go up against him. The rewards are worth it though, 3146 exp to each party member and 30 AP. Tantarian starts off as a book, but there is actually a monster hidden inside. The monster is located between pages 150 and 200, so if he opens and it is between those pages you will be able to attack the monster rather then the book. You have to deal between 150-200 damage to get the book to open up on the page with the monster.

While the book is closed, it has a variety of damaging attacks, Paper Storm being the most lethal. Paper Storm deals a large amount of damage to the entire party, and it can be quite hard to recover from it. Edge deals damage to a single target, Tantarian in his book form can also cast Doom on one of your characters. When he is exposed, he can only cast Poison, that is why you should make sure that you have the Antibody ability equipped to everyone. Start off the battle by casting Reis’s Wind with Freya, Freya’s attacks are fairly weak at this point so she shouldn’t be attacking, just have her recast Reis’s Wind and White Draw if the party is in need of MP.

Make sure that you wait and see what happens before you choose to attack Tantarian, if the book opens and you had selected a weaker character to attack, that attack could cause the book to close again. The battle is quick if Zidane is in Trance, if he does achieve Trance during the battle leave him idle until the book is open to a page with the monster. You can have Amarant throw weapons at the monster when it is open, it deals a fair amount of damage. Have Vivi cast Bio each time it is his turn, and if he trances double cast Bio, it deals about 1700 damage for each cast.

Head up the spiral staircase and follow the path that Dagger took, the door to the left, up the spiral staircase and up to the top of the castle.