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When you enter talk to Mimoza, she should have a letter for you to deliver. You can also purchase items from Mimoza, she has some new equipment up for sale. Make sure to buy Freya the Trident, don’t buy the Diamond Sword for Steiner because you can find it somewhere within Oeilvert. Move up from this screen and proceed into the next area. The next area is the entrance to Oeilvert, the door opens by itself, allowing the party to step inside.

Approach the chest in the top right corner and open it to receive a Remedy, go up the steps and open the chest to the right to get a Rising Sun. Head into the room through the doorway to the left, open the chest to get an Elixir. Approach the object in the middle of this room and examine it when the ‘!’ appears. It will change from a blue to a red colour. Now head back into the last room, go down the stairs and go through the door to the left.

If you run into the Epitaph enemy, make sure that you let it use the Mirror spell three times. It will make a copy of one of your characters, and if that character is identical to one in your party your version of the character will KO. If you kill the Epitaph and his three clones your entire party will receive 7434 Exp! Be cautious, they can also inflict the petrify status effect, so make sure that you use a soft on the affected character soon after because it will usually follow it up with Break.

Back to the game, as you attempt to move around the circle in the middle of the room an event will be triggered. Continue moving around the circle and open the chest to get Shield Armor. Head over to the bottom right corner and open the chest to get a Diamond Sword. Proceed through the path to the bottom left, head over to the bottom right and open the chest to obtain a Power Vest. Go up the stairs to the right and open the chest to find Feather Boots. Examine the object to the left first, then move down and examine the one to the right, head down the stairs and examine the one to the right and then the last one. Go through the path to the right. Stiltzkin is here, talk to him and buy his item combo. Head back to the last room, head up the stairs and move up the steps to the left.

Follow the path down the walkway, examine the chrome sphere and watch the event that is triggered. Continue moving along the walkway and when you emerge into the next room head through the blue doorway. After the faces are finished talking, head back into the main room and head through the path to the right. Talk to Mooel, you probably have a letter from Mimoza to him. If you don’t currently have a Kupo Nut in your inventory, he will give you one as thanks for delivering the letter. You should use a Tent at this time, you have a boss battle coming up soon.

Move around the circle imprinted in the ground and watch the event that takes place. Approach the chest above and open it for Gaia Gear. Proceed into the room to the right. Step onto the platform and press X when the ‘!’ appears. Before proceeding, make sure that all of your characters have the Clear Headed ability equipped, also equip the Bird Killer ability to the characters that know it. Approach the object and examine it, the Gulug stone will be revealed. Zidane attempts to take it but he cannot, a boss battle begins.


Ark is a rather easy enemy, with the Clear Headed ability equipped the difficulty is reduced. Ark casts Propeller Wind which inflicts the Confuse status effect and the entire party. Photon will take a single targets HP down to 1. Have Freya cast Reis’s Wind on the party, for the rest of her turns you can have her either Jump or attack normally. Have Amarant throw any duplicate items that you have, if you bought a Diamond Sword by accident and you found one in Oeilvert if you throw it with Amarant it deals a good amount of damage.

Quina can’t really do much without his/her Blue Magic abilities, so just have him/her use Hi-Potions to heal the other party members. This is good along with Reis’s Wind to help a character recover from Photon. For Zidane just steal from him, make sure that you get the Holy Lance! This is a very good weapon for Freya, it makes her very powerful for this point in the game.

Once the battle is over approach the Gulug