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The party takes the Gargant to Treno, they eventually decide to enter the card tournament that is taking place there. Leave Doctor Tot’s house and head down the spiral staircase. View the ATE “Eiko Talks Life” and then watch “How he ended up here” and choose the option for Vivi to stop by at home. Continue down the spiral staircase and view the ATE. Continue walking and head into the next area by climbing down the stairs to the left. Head down from this area to reach the card tournament arena and view the ATE. The four-armed man drops a Chimera Armlet which Eiko picks up.

You may want to continue moving to the right, enter the next area and save your game by talking to the moogle Mogrich. He may also have a letter to read from Kupo. Though the card tournament is quite easy to win, you may want to save just to avoid having to watch all of the scenes over again. Head back towards the stadium and talk to the man to the left to register. Once you are finished head inside to play the first round. The tournament is very easy, just select all of your best cards and you shouldn’t have a problem winning.

When you have won the first round, two more ATEs will be activated, watch them both. First watch “Home Sweet Home” and then exit to the left and you can watch the other, “Good Old Days.” When you are done head back and enter the arena for the next round. Once you have won some more ATEs will be activated. As the man at the front of the arena advised you, you should go and find a moogle to save, you only have one shot at beating the champion. Of course, the closest moogle to you is Mogrich, go find him, save your game but do not move on to the final round of the card tournament! There are still things left to do in Treno and elsewhere.

If you are not interested in completing the Morrid Coffee side quest, or if you don’t have the other two coffees in your inventory, just skip over the next three paragraphs. You can still follow this if you want to obtain 30,000 Gil, which will be good for use in the Auction House. If you have been searching for the Stellazzio coins, then continue reading below.

If you chose the ‘I won’t force it out of you’ option during the “Good Old Days” ATE, you can go to the Auction House and find Freya there, talk to her and she will join Zidane. You will need to leave Treno to do some other things, and this is a good time to have Freya learn some new abilities along the way because she is behind due to the amount of time that you didn’t have access to her. The Exp isn’t good but the battles will be easy so you can earn some AP that will go toward new abilities. If you encounter the friendly ghost, give him an ore and both characters will get 10 AP.

Head back to the Treno entrance and exit to the world map, head towards the south gate and enter. Use the world map if you need to, make your way through the area until you come to a split. Follow the top left path, approach the door and speak to the guard so he can lift the gate. Proceed through the gate and you will be back on the world map. Move straight until you find the Village of Dali on the world map. Enter the village and go into the mayor’s house, the house next to the windmill. Check the desk for a Mini-Brahne key item and continue to check the desk until the boy says “Zzz…”, then search the heater to find the Mayor’s Key.

Head back outside and enter the windmill, you can climb up the ladder and open the chest to retrieve a Cachusha. Cross the plank of wood and open the other chest to get an Elixir. Go back down the ladder and open the door to the top right of the windmill, use the Mayor’s Key to open it. Open the hidden chest to get 30,000 Gil, examine the treasure box when the ‘?’ appears over Zidane’s head and reach for the object under the treasure chest to obtain Burman Coffee. If you have been following my guide you should now have all three of the special coffees that Morrid had asked for. Exit Dali and enter the Observatory Mountain. Talk to Morrid and give him the coffee beans, in return for your kindness Morrid will send you the Mini-Prima Vista model. There, you got a model of a theater ship and you made an old man happy, don’t you feel good?

You will not get the ship yet, Morrid will send it to you, you can see it in Lindblum later on in the game. Just to let you know before hand, this isn’t an item that you carry with you in your inventory, it is just for display. It does affect your treasure hunting rank. Make your way back to the South Gate, head through the gate when the guard opens it. Before heading back to Treno, you can visit Quan’s Dwelling to find the Scorpio Stellazzio. To find Quan’s Dwelling, head west from Treno and move through the forest until you find the cave on the side. It is marked as ‘?’ on the map, press X to enter. Move through the area, head down the steps and open the chest to find an Ether. Move to the corner and press X when the ‘!’ appears, climb down and open the chest to find another Ether. You can have your HP and MP restored by touching the fountain. Search in the corner by the chest to find the Scorpio Stellazzio, just keep walking along the wall until the ‘!’ appears. Climb back up and head through the opening, climb the ladder to get an Ether. If you told Vivi to visit his home, if you head through the door to the right here you can find Vivi on the Patio. You can learn a little bit about his past and once he is done talking he will join your party.

Once you are back in Treno, you can go to the equipment shop, it is the shop behind Mogrich and the dog, and fight the monster. You can also purchase some new equipment, I would suggest buying Freya the Ice Lance if you haven’t already while you were in Alexandria. If you want to fight the monster, it is a Catoblepas at this time, then talk to the shop keeper and ask to fight the monster.

He has a variety of damaging attacks, he can cast Thundara to deal some damage and he also has an attack called Devil’s Bell which can inflict the Petrify Status effect, which ends the battle. Make sure that Zidane has the Jelly support ability equipped! His Heave attack deals physical damage and his Earthquake ability deals Earth damage. Each time he growls he will usually cast Earthquake soon after. Keep Zidane’s HP high using Hi-Potions, the Catoblepas is very fast and can deal a lot of damage so make sure that Zidane’s health never gets to low. Depending on what level Zidane is at, you shouldn’t have to much trouble with him, just continue healing and attacking until he is dead. His HP isn’t very high and I was able to kill him with about 6 attacks. For defeating him the shop keeper will give you 15,000 Gil! This will certainly help you if you are planning to bid at the auction house.

If you have been following my guide, you probably have collected a few Stellazzios along the way. You will want to bring these to Queen Stella, you can find her house by heading to the left from the entrance and moving down the first set of steps that you come to. Move up from this area until you find her house. Talk to her and her assistant will give you a reward in exchange for one of the Stellazzios. You can receive a lot more gil for giving them to her, and this will help if you are planning to buy out the Auction House. You can search to the left of Queen Stella’s house by the trees to find an Ether. You will probably want to go to the auction house now, the Dark Matter Add-On is up for bid at this point in time. This allows Dagger to summon the awesome Odin Eidolon.

To find the Auction House head up from where you can find Mogrich the moogle and you will be there. Head inside and you can bid on the items that they are auctioning off. The prices can get quite high, do not bid on the item until the auctioneer says “*Amount of gil*! Any more?” and then place your bid. The game will automatically make your bid 100 more than the previous. You should usually get the item this way for the cheapest price possible. You may have to bid on a few items until the Dark Matter is up for bidding. This is all you really want, but if you have the money you can bid on other items and sell them to the nobles on the Treno streets for more money.

You can go to the Cafe Carta, which you can find by turning left at the entrance of Treno and heading down the first set of stairs you see, and resell some of the items you purchased at the auction. You should also check out the synthesis shop and see if they have anything you are interested in.

Moving along now, head back to the card arena and finish the tournament. The champion is easy to beat, and you get an Oglop card from her. You receive a Rebirth Ring for winning the tournament. Eiko comes in with some bad news, it’s time to finally leave Treno and head back to Alexandria.