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The Four Shrines

The party must now split into pairs and conquer each of the four shrines at the same time. You will have the chance to select your party, though it hardly matters who you choose at this point. The first stop is the Water Shrine, you need to drop off Eiko and Dagger. Fly over the Forgotten Continent, it is located east from Ipsen’s Castle, it is in the water. Locate the swirling vortex and press circle to drop of the duo.

Freya and Amarant are going for the Fire Shrine. Fly over the Lost Continent and head north from Esto Gaza. Search the mountains for a volcano, this is the Fire Shrine. Press circle to drop Freya and Amarant off. Vivi and Steiner are going to the Wind Shrine. Fly to the Forgotten Continent and fly south west from Oeilvert. Search within the canyons to find the Wind Shrine.

Lastly, Zidane and Quina are headed for the Earth Shrine. Yeah, you’ve gotta take Quina with you! If you have been teaching him/her some Blue Magic spells, s/he isn’t totally useless, Mighty Guard will be useful for this next area. The Earth Shrine is located on the Outer Continent, fly around the eastern region until you come to a place where the ground is shaking, you should be able to spot the shrine on the ground.

Remember to reequip Zidane and Quina, if you have Feather Boots equip these to Zidane for now. If you have a second pair or Gaia Gear equip these to Quina. Follow the path and head into the next room. As you attempt to make your way down this hall, the ground begins to shake. Press X when the ‘!’ appears to jump over the platforms. Follow Quina up to the altar and place the Mirror. A string of scenes will take place, each one showing the progress of your other companions. You’re going to have to battle the Earth Guardian, the other characters will handle the guardians on their own.

Earth Guardian

This isn’t a terribly hard battle, if Quina and Zidane are wearing a piece of equipment that absorbs Earth elemental attacks it is much easier. If Zidane is at a decent level and Quina knows a few good Blue Magic abilities, you shouldn’t have a problem with this boss. Make sure to steal the two items he holds, this is made much easier if Zidane has the Master Thief ability equipped. Have Quina cast Mighty Guard if you have it, and also cast White Wind if the party needs healing.

Have Zidane steal and then start attacking physically, if Zidane reaches Trance perform Grand Lethal a couple of times to end the battle. If Quina achieves Trance, you can use the Cook command to eat this boss. Quina can learn Earth Shake from him.

All of the other characters made it past their shrine’s Guardians as well. The party decides to head to the Shimmering Island next, you can use this chance to complete some Side Quests if you want, or you can just continue on with the story. It’s really up to you.

You probably have some more of the Stellazzio coins, if you have been taking the ones I have been pointing out throughout this guide. Return to Treno and speak with Queen Stella to give her the coins. You can get a ton of Gil and some cool items.