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Move through the area, Garland is waiting for Zidane in the next room. Follow him up the stairs and hop across the platforms to reach him. As the pair continues to converse, Zidane grows more and more frustrated. Zidane eventually collapses and attempts to leave his friends behind. Zidane is attacked by an Amudusias. Luckily, Freya and Amarant show up to assist Zidane with the fight. Zidane shuns them as well and moves on, Zidane runs into Quina and Steiner, he assists them with their fight against an Abadon. Once he has been dealt with Zidane continues off on his own.

A Shell Dragon attacks Zidane, all hope seems to be lost when suddenly Dagger joins the fight. She rejuvenates Zidane, summon either Odin if you have the Odin’s Sword ability or another Eidolon if not. Dagger, Quina and Steiner convince Zidane to help them. After their reconciliation, they head back to find the others. Make your way back across the area and enter the room with your awaiting companions. You will have the chance to construct your party, I selected Freya, Vivi and Eiko as usual, but select whomever you’d like.

Moorock the moogle is here, you can switch your party members or purchase items at his Mogshop which almost is identical to the one in Bran Bal. Save your game and continue into the next room. Approach the throne and pick up the Holy Miter. Head back through the room and continue along the path that Zidane was following, you will find yourself in a room with many objects on the ground. Approach the mechanism on the wall and examine it, press it and a timer will begin to count down from 30 seconds. You have to make your way across this room to get to the other side before the time runs out. Avoid touching a light that is glowing or you will be forced to fight a monster. If your time runs out you will have to start from the beginning. Try to move by the sides rather than through the middle, it is easy to become caught between a glowing light if you just dash through the center.

Make your way through this room and cross the bridge. Ignore the object in this room for now, proceed through the door and into the next area. In this room you must use the mechanism in the last room to adjust the platform so that it travels in the direction that you want it to. Unless you are interested in the chest, which contains 20,007 gil, adjust the platform to number 4. Step onto the platform, move up to the highest you can go and press X to call the platform and ride it to the top. If you want the treasure, continue heading back and forth from room to room and adjusting the platform. Eventually the other half of the party will stay in that room and adjust the platforms while you ride the elevator.

Press select to activate the Elevator ATE, you will then have the chance to adjust the elevator with the other party. Adjust the elevator to 4 and then go back to controlling Zidane. Move up to the highest place that you can and switch back to the other party. Set the elevator at 3 and jump on the platform. It will take you up to the chest. Jump back onto the elevator and move towards the jump off point farthest to the left. Switch back to the other party and set the lift to 4. Hop onto the left and it will take you to the top. Head to the right and step onto the teleporter. Choose to go up one floor.

Move to the left and step onto the blue platform. Follow the path and open the chest at the end to retrieve Carabini Mail. Head back to the blue teleporter and teleport back to the previous. Step onto the blue teleporter to the right and open the chest to get an Elixir, then head back to the previous platform. Step onto the blue teleporter on the top and then move to the red one. Head back to the main platform and proceed to the red platform by moving down the lower path. From here head down the path and step onto the blue teleporter to the right. Step onto the next one and grab the chest for Battle Boots. Return back down to the base with the red teleporter.

Move up to the far right teleporter, step onto the next one and you will be on the platform with Mozme the moogle. Make sure that you use a tent and save your game, prepare your characters well because some boss battles are coming up. For the preparation, equip the Locomotion support ability to everyone. Also Man Eater to Zidane and Freya. Include Dragon Killer for Freya if she is in your party. You should also have a letter for Mozme.

When you are ready proceed to the right, a sequence of boss battle begins.

Silver Dragon

This is an easy battle, just attack Silver Dragon with all of Vivi’s spells as well as physical attacks from Zidane and Freya. Use Flare on him and Holy with Eiko if you have it. Command Freya to jump and don’t forget to steal with Zidane. Silver Dragon uses a variety of wind based attacks, so if you have characters that are equipped with Ribbon they will absorb the damage.

After the battle the party continues to converse with Garland, the conversation soon leads to a battle with him.


Garland uses a lot of higher level spells such as Flare and Wave. They deal a good amount of damage, usually to a single target. If you have Eiko in your party with the Carbuncle summon that can cast Ruby Light, you can counter these attacks by summoning him each turn. He will cast Reflect on the entire party and Garland will do some heavy damage to himself. Use the same strategy that you used for the Silver Dragon, pound him with a bunch of higher level spells and attacks. Steal with Zidane and Jump with Freya.

Garland has a high amount of HP, but he doesn’t really deal a whole lot of damage, so it shouldn’t be hard to see this battle to the end.

Once you have dealt enough damage Garland will bow before you. Watch the events that take place, a battle with Kuja begins soon after.


Kuja can be quite tough once you get him down to enough HP, at that point he starts casting the damaging attack Flare Star multiple times. At the beginning of the battle cast Ruby Light with Eiko if you have her in your party. This way all of the spells he casts at the beginning will be reflected off of your party and hit him instead.

Steal with Zidane and attack normally or Jump with Freya. Vivi can cast his high level spells such as Flare or Water. Eiko can heal and cast Ruby Light if needed, just don’t use Curaga when your entire party has reflect on them! If any of your characters reach Trance, go all out with the attacks. Once you have dealt enough damage, Kuja achieves Trance. He demonstrates his new powers by devastating your party.

Watch the events that takes place after the battle. Zidane decides to go back and save the Genomes. Run down the path and cross the bridge to the right, follow it to the end. Step onto the transporter and you will emerge back in Bran Bal. Zidane and Dagger will split up and evacuate the Genomes while your other party marvels at the size of the Invincible. Zidane heads into the lab to speak with the mysterious girl, she tells him that her name is Mikoto.

The party leaves Terra piloting the awesome airship, the Invincible! Watch the short scene that takes place, this is the end of the third disc.