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Bran Bal

Once you have gained control over Zidane again, take the path to the left. Head to the left and move next to the staircase. Move to the left in this area and press X when the ‘!’ appears. Zidane will hop onto a platform with a chest that contains a Flash Hat. Open the chest and head back to the last area. Search by the pond near the top to find Angel Earrings. The inn is right behind the person standing by the pond. Head inside and Zidane goes to get Garnet. Zidane and the others discuss the mysterious red eye.

When Zidane leaves the inn, head back inside. Open the chest next to Steiner to obtain an Elixir. You can talk to Freya if you want to rest. Return back outside and go into the door way to the right of the Inn. Move through this room and enter the second doorway on the right. Once you are back outside move to the right and go inside the small door. Open the chest in this room to find a Wing Edge. Free Moorock the moogle from the basket, he has a letter for you to deliver to Mozme. He also has a Mogshop open, if you missed the chance of stealing Zidane’s Orichalcon from Taharka, buy this weapon now. He’s also got some new armor for either Freya or Steiner.

Return to the room with the people standing around the crystal, head down the steps to the right. Talk with the girl in the bottom left corner. Once they are finished talking follow her up the stairs. You will eventually gain control of Eiko, she must go and search for Zidane. You can watch the ATEs if you wish. Move to the area to the right and talk to Amarant, head to the right again and talk to Vivi. Continue down the path, go into the room with Quina and talk to him/her. Head back to the green gate and walk through it. Follow the bridge and speak with the girl at the end.