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Fly to the Shimmering Island, near Esto Gaza on the Lost Continent. Fly over the water and over the islands to find the Shimmering Island. Press circle to enter while hovering over it. You can choose to continue moving forward or to pull back for now. Consider this decision while keeping this in mind: While on the fourth disc, you won’t be able to visit all of the locations on the map. You may want to visit Esto Gaza and buy some stuff from the shop because once on disc 4 it is blocked off. Select the option to continue moving forward once you are sure that you are ready.

Zidane and the others meet Garland in Terra. After the brief scene you will be able to select your party members. Follow the path to the right to enter the next area. Head down the steps to the left once the blonde girl runs away. Hop onto the platforms and open the chest to obtain a Coronet. Jump back onto the previous platform and proceed to the end of the path. Open the chest to receive a Dragon Wrist. Return to the main path and follow the path that the girl took. Open the chest on the left to obtain an Elixir. Remember that your previous party members may still have their weapons from Ipsen’s Castle equipped.

Cross the bridge and continue following the blond haired girl. Move to the end of this area and climb down the web. Move behind the web and climb down the one to the right of it, open the chest to find a Remedy. Climb back up the web and continue moving to the left. Jump over the ladder webbing and open the obstructed chest to retrieve a Mythril Racket. Hop back over the web and climb down the webbing. Open the chest that is below to find a Demon’s Vest. Approach the Mysterious Girl, continue following the girl. Cross the bridge and climb up the first set of stairs. Move to the left and maneuver yourself around the bend. Open the chest at the end to find a Minerva’s Plate. You can use the ‘Here’ icon by pressing the select button.

Continue walking up the steps, you will then find yourself in Bran Bal.