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When you have gained control over Zidane once again, open the chest to your right to obtain an Egoist’s Armlet. Head up the steps and open the chest next to the moogle to get an Elixir. Talk to Moodon to save your game, he should also have a letter for you to deliver. As you attempt to head down the stairs, Blank arrives. Once you are finished talking to him head out of the room, watch the ATE and then head towards the royal chamber. Take the elevator to the upper level and head up the stairs and enter the door by the two guards.

Minister Artania leads you to the conference room where your friends are waiting. Once the sequence of dialogue and ATEs is done, head back to the guest room, where Zidane woke up. After the scene in the throne room is over, Zidane sets out to look for the ingredients to turn Cid back into a human. Leave the area, ride the elevator down to the Mid Level. Exit through the top of the screen, head down the stairs to the left until you reach the Air Cab. Board the air cab and fly to the Theater District. You may meet the Burmecians that you saved back in Burmecia, an ATE involving Freya and some Burmecian Soldiers will be activated.

The couple will introduce you to their 5 children. Once you are finished conversing with them, head down the stairs to the right. Open the chest in this room to find a Lapis Lazuli. Search by the bottom left of the screen to find the Strange Potion, only two more ingredients to go. Proceed out of this house and head down the stairs to the right. Zidane will find Cinna and the others, eventually Cinna will give Zidane the Unusual Potion. Only one more ingredient left! Head back down the stairs and enter the Hideout. Open the various chests scattered around to find 4826 Gil, 1273 Gil, and 970 Gil. If you brought Morrid the three rare coffees, he will have delivered the Mini-Prima Vista, which can be found on the top left of the room, next to the ladder. I should mention that this cannot be picked up, it’s only a decoration.

Now fly to the Business District, head into the inn, up the stairs and talk to Moodon the moogle, you might have a couple of letters for him. Exit the Inn and head up into the Shopping Area. Search to the left of the bottom area to find the Sagittarius Stellazzio. Head into the house at the top and open the chests for an Elixir and a Remedy. Continue up into the next area and speak with Alice, the woman at the top of the screen wearing white. Ask her about the potion, she will search for it and give the Beautiful Potion over to you.

You can head into the Weapon and Armor shop to buy equipment as well as healing items. There are a lot of new pieces of equipment that you can buy here, so you probably want to visit the Synthesis shop to see what new items you can make. When you are ready board the air cab and fly back to the castle. Move to the Throne Room and Zidane will give the Regent the ingredients. Cid will call a meeting and you will be taken to the Conference Room. Head down to the base level and ride to the Dragon’s Gate. Search behind the platform to the right to find a Remedy.

Now get back in the cart and ride to the Serpent’s Gate, open the chest in the top left corner for the Chimera Armlet. Proceed through the bottom of the screen to the Harbor. Head down the docks and board the Blue Narciss. You will have the chance to select your party members. I chose to bring Freya, Vivi and Eiko along, if you want to be able to follow this guide and be able to use my advice to the fullest extent, I would suggest selecting the same party members as I did. You can still substitute certain party members for others though, it just may be difficult if you are trying to follow my boss strategies.

Study the controls of the Blue Narciss, you can press select at anytime and view them from that menu by pressing triangle if need be.

An optional thing that you can do is head to Gizamaluke’s Grotto and give the Moogle Family their Kupo Nut. If you do not currently have the Kupo Nut key item in your inventory, just skip over this part, if you just want to get on with the storyline, then skip this part.

First, pilot the Blue Narciss around the top left corner of the Mist Continent, pilot it around until you see a beach that you can get off at. Head past the desert, past Burmecia and enter Gizamaluke’s Grotto. Make your way to the room with the bell in the middle and go through the other door. Talk to the father Moogle and he will give you an Extension for the Kupo Nut, if you haven’t given him a nut before I am not sure what he would give you.