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Another optional place that you can visit is Daguerreo, I recommend taking the trip here because there are good items to be found. Daguerreo is located on on an island, head south west from the Forgotten Continent and fly around until you see a cave with two waterfalls. This is Daguerreo, disembark and venture inside. Once you are inside, continue moving and exit at the first right turn that you can make. Search around here for the Capricorn Stellazzio. If you examine the statue in the middle of the first area, you can place ore here to receive Aquamarines. Every 5 ores nets you one.

Proceed into the room to the right, here you can speak with the Four-Armed Man and he will tell you what your Treasure Hunting Rank is. If you have managed to obtain the highest treasure hunting rank (S), the man will run out of the room. Follow him out and you can talk to him at the entrance. He will give you the Rank S Award and he will tell you his real name! He isn’t such a bad guy after all. Your treasure hunter ranking is dependant on the amount amount of treasures that you have found up to that point, including the ones in the Chocobo Hot and Cold side quest.

Travel back into the room to the right and stand on the platform. Talk to Noggy and he will let you save your game. Talk to the man behind the counter and you can Synthesis some items, including Zidane’s Sargatanas weapon. I suggest making that one. You can also make Thief Gloves, which teach Zidane the Master Thief support ability. Unfortunately, you will have to sacrifice your new Sargatanas in order to make it. Proceed to the right, talk to the man and woman who are arguing. If you agree with the man each time, he will give you a Flare Card. If you agree with the woman each time, she will give you a Meteor Card. You can speak with the woman to buy some medicinal items.

Approach the strange block to the left and activate it. Talk to the man to the left who is looking for a book. If you searched by the book pile to the right of the walkway, Zidane will tell him where it is. If you haven’t head over there now and find it and then speak with him again. He will move out of the way, move behind the bookcase and press X when the ‘?’ appears. Zidane will climb down the ladder and you will appear on the middle level. If you talk to the man on the left, if you have the Namingway Card in your inventory, he will allow you to change one of your character’s names. If you search by the right of this area, you can find an Elixir, head to the left of this level and search for another one.

Head out to the left and talk to the Weapon smith. He can’t sell you anything yet, you have to help him out first. Go back to the entrance and follow the path to the left. You can talk with Oracle Kildea here, remember her from Cleyra? Anyway, continue searching this room, notice the three lifts and the levers to the right. Approach the levers and lower the left one until it is at the lowest it can go. Head over to the lift on the far left and examine it, approach the staff to the right of the levers. Zidane will take it and put it it in the hole. Head to the levers again and lower the left farthest to the right until it cannot be lowered anymore. Examine the platform and it will take Zidane to the second level. Now the weapon smith will sell you equipment!

He has a lot of good stuff, including another Zorlin Shape, this way you can forge a Sargatanas again if you made the thief gloves. He also has a new lance for Freya, a new set of armor for either her or Steiner as well. Vivi’s Octagon Rod which teaches him the aga spells, get this while you can!

Once you are finished in here, it’s time to get back to the main storyline. You can do some training outside if you want, the Grand Dragons offer 8802 exp to each of your party members with a successful kill. Be wary, they are quite strong. Beware the Gimme Cat, don’t give him a diamond!