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The 8 Dragons and Crusader

Items: N/A
Recommended lvl: 32

Remember when you were in Mt.Zozo and I told you not to fight that Wind Dragon? Well if you listened and haven’t done so head back to the place and hit the switch to reveal the Wind Dragon and make sure you have some strong magic and also that you have a THUNDER SHLD equipped. Then go near the Dragon and a fight will ensue.

Dragon Battle 1

Storm Dragon HP: 42,000
Item: Force Armor

This battle here will be very tough, but if you can defeat the MagiMaster you can win this battle as well. Keep your HP above 800 and pound it with your regular attacks. Use Ultima if you have it or Meteor, Flare, or Pearl. Have Sabin use his Bum Rush(or any other of his Blitz attacks) and have Cyan use his level 7 SwdTech to deal monster damage, have Edgar use his Drill(if you are at level 80 this can deal over 8000 HP of damage with every hit!) and have Gau use one of his rages. Have Gogo mimic a strong attack(E.G. Ultima, Drill, etc.), have Mog use his best Dance, have Strago use his GrandTrain Lore attack, and have Relm attack with magic. Anybody equipped with the THUNDER SHLD will take no damage from his Wind Slash attack and you will absorb any of his lightning attacks.

After the battle there are now 7 dragons left. Did you remember when you were in the Pheonix Cave there was a dragon walking around? In case you did not choose to fight it, head back once you are strong enough and go near it and a fight will ensue.

Dragon Battle 2

Red Dragon HP: 30,000
Item: Strato

This battle here will be very tough just like the first battle. He will use a lot of Fire magic as you can expect and also as you can expect hit him with Ice magic to deal heavy damage. If you are wearing an armor that protects against Fire or absorbs fire that should do you well. He will use Fire 2 and Fire 3 at times and his regular attacks will do mild damage, not much that will get you concerned over anything. Use Ultima, Meteo, Flare, Pearl, or Ice 3 to damage him. Contiue this pattern and keep your HP above 1000, so that his Fire 3 attack won’t get you.

After the battle there are now 6 dragons left. Head towards Narche and along the northern mines there is a dragon wandering around, just walk near it and a fight will ensue.

Dragon Battle 3

Ice Dragon HP: 24,400
Item: Force Shield
Here in this battle hit it with everything you’ve got. Fire magic works real well in this battle as you can expect and use Ultima, Meteo, Flare, or Pearl to damage it if you don’t have a Fire 3 magic. He will use his Absolute 0 attack, so watch for it and keep your HP above 500. Also when your party members are frozen use fire magic on them to free them, if he gets your entire party with it, there is literally nothing you can do about it. Keep hacking away and he should be gone.

After the battle there are now 5 dragons left. Now head for the Magic Tower in which you acquired Strago in and at the third part of the tower there is a room in which you got the STUNNER in, a dragon is in that room go to it and a fight will ensue.

Dragon Battle 4

White Dragon HP: 18,500
Item: Pearl Lance
This battle will be pretty tough. Don’t use Pearl in this battle because it will absorb it, so use Ultima, Meteo, or Flare. Keep your HP above 1200 and keep pounding him with your magic attacks like Fire 3 or Ice 3. He will start the battle off with two consecutive Pearl attacks and they will do about 1100 HP of damage. Keep using Ultima in this battle and he will counter with Dispel, if you cna keep a constant chain of Ultima spells he will seldom pull off his Pearl attack!

After the battle you will receive the PEARL LANCE. Now there are just four dragons left. Now go to Figaro Castle and ask the driver to go to Figaro and he will say that something is odd about the stratum. Refer to the Odin’s reign section of the Side Area to tell you exactly where the next dragon is.

Dragon Battle 5

Water Dragon HP: 26,900
Item: N/A
Here in this battle your lighting attacks will do well against him. Have Sabin use his Aurabolt, and have any other of the characters use lightning based attacks or their best and most damaging attacks. Keep your HP above 500 otherwise its Clean Sweep attack will get you. Keep this process up until you’ve won. NOTE: If Clean Sweep is used on Strago here in this battle he will learn it. Its a more powerful version of AquaRake.

Now there are 3 dragons left. Head for the Opera House on the southwestern part of the world map to face off against your next dragon. In here talk to the Impressario and he will tell you that a dragon is sitting smack in the middle of the stage. Head for the switch room at the top right and hit the second switch from the right and you will fall to the floor below and a fight will ensue.

Dragon Battle 6

Dirt Dragon HP: 28,500
Item: Magus Rod
This battle will be tough. Cast Float(you should do this before battle) to every party member in here so you can avoid his Quake and Magnitude8 attack. If you don’t you will suffer at least 1800 HP of damage from his Quake attack and about 1100 from his Magnitude8 attack. After you are on Float status all you have to worry about are his physical attacks which do only about 400 HP of damage, and his Slide attack which does about 700 HP of damage to every party member. So keep your HP up and keep attacking him with your strongest attacks like Ultima, Flare, Pearl you know the real deal. Keep this up and you should win the battle.

After the battle it looks like the Impressario will have to save the world again. There are now only two dragons left. So where are they? The two last dragons are on Kefka’s Tower silly! The second group in Kefka’s Tower will fight the Gold Dragon.

Dragon Battle 7

Gold Dragon HP: 32,400
Item: Crystal Orb
Yes I know, it doesn’t look like a dragon to me. It looks more like a dinosaur, but who cares. This battle will be tough, it uses only lightning attacks like GigaVolt, Bolt 3, Bolt 2, and Bolt. Its Bolt attacks do a lot of damage, but having the Thunder Shld equipped in this battle will make the battle go by like a breeze. Hit him with your most powerful magics and keep your HP up at all times and hopefully he will be gone.

Dragon Battle 8

Skull Dragon HP: 32,800
Item: Muscle Belt
This battle will be pretty tough. Since this dragon is undead it has a weakness against fire. Use your most powerful fire spells and other magic spells. Watch for its Disaster attack, it will make a party member be infected with every negative status effect in the book, but having either the RIBBON or PALADIN SHLD equipped will counteract those effects. Keep your HP and attack fast otherwise you will be knocked out with its Condemned attack.

That’s it! You now have Crusader, a very power Esper and you can learn Merton, a really powerful spell that’s on par with Ultima! Congratulations!