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The Esper Auction

Items: Zoneseek Magicite, Golem Magicite
Recommended lvl: N/A

Remember when you were in the World of Balance and in Jidoor you couldn’t bet in the auction because the auction was always over when you got there? Well in the World of Ruin you can now go to Jidoor on the western part of the world map. In here head for the auction and sometimes there is a special item that can be auctioned for, no not the 1/20 of an airship because even if you do have 1 million GP, you can never buy it. But there are two espers in here that you can auction for and they are the GOLEM and ZONESEEK esper. Its not always there when you go, but keep going back and forth and you should get the chance to purchase them for about 40,000 GP.