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The Lost Castle

Items: Ether, X-Ether, Wing Edge, Gold Hairpin, Punisher, Offering, Magicite, Blizzard Orb, Trump
Recommended lvl: 40

Remember where you had last left Figaro Castle? Right on the top most eastern continent on the desert. Return there and tell the driver that you want to go to Figaro. During the middle of your voyage the driver notices something odd about the stratum, he will ask you if you want to start again or stop. Choose stop and head for the basement where the jailers were previously kept. In here to the far right the door has opened up, so go inside and in this room and pick up an ETHER and another WING EDGE for Locke then head to the right door and check the treasure chest and a Master Pug will attack you.

Boss Strategy

Master Pug HP: 22,000
Item: Gradeus

This guy is TOUGH. Use your most powerful magics and Blitz, SwdTech, Lore, etc. to defeat this guy. Keep your HP above 1500, he will counter attack with StepMine everytime you attack him which causes about near 1400 HP of damage, so you will need to heal after it, if your levels are too low then you’re gone, so bring that character back to life. Don’t use any elemental attacks against it because it will absorb your attacks. Strago’s GrandTrain Lore attack works here as he will not counter attack against it. He will constantly change barriers so unless you know exactly what he is weak against, then avoid using elemental attacks. NOTE: Strago here can learn Step Mine from Master Pug, it does not have to connect on him either!

Now afterwards head for either door to the left, along the way make sure you pick up the TRUMP for Setzer and then continue onto the left. In this next room to the left is an X-POTION and to the bottom is a MAGICITE. After that take the stairs down and in here there is a save point, so save your game and heal your wounds if any then continue onto the left. The party then notices a gaint castle and a scenario of a portion of the War of the Magi takes place. The guards are immediately taken out as an esper shows them its magic, but another guard wants to show them his esper magic.

It was a thousand years in the past that a battle was waged here, the guards ask if Odin’s wounds are healed, but it appears that the guards are fresh out of options so they will leave the battle in Odin’s hands. Odin then shows the espers his Atom Edge in which gets them all, then another esper comes by as Odin tries his Atom Edge, it doesn’t work. The esper then turns Odin into stone, but Odin tells him not to turn him into a magicite, so the esper doesn’t. The legend tells of a great battle between Odin and a powerful sorcerer. Now continue on and enter the left side of the castle and check the treasure chest and a KatanaSoul will attack you.

Boss Strategy

KatanaSoul HP: 37,620
Item: Offering

Here in this battle its pretty straight forward, attack him with every one of your strong magic attacks. Watch for his Imperial Dart attack, it will kill you even if you are at 9999 HP. He will also use GP Rain and that will take off massive damage as well, keep your HP at max if possible and keep on attacking. Watch for his Ashura Dart attack which causes near 8300 HP of damage, so you can’t do much about that, basically keep your HP up and attack.

After the battle go to the inside of the castle and to the throne room and touch the Odin statue, it will turn into a Magicite Shard. Now continue to the top right and into the room and pick up a GOLD HAIRPIN and a BLIZZARD ORB, and they are both relics. Now go to the right and down the stairs check the sparkling orb, it tells that the queen is in love with Odin and it breaks every single rule in her society. If Terra is in your party she will realize the love between an esper and a human. Now check the right pot in the room to pick up an X-ETHER. Now return to the middle of the throne room and go one step down from where Odin was standing and hit the “A” button on the SNES version or hit the “X” button on the PSX version and a switch will open up.

Return to the room where you read the Queen’s diary and a staircase will now open up go down the ascending staircase and there is a blue dragon in here, if you think your strong enough to fight it then do so, check my guide above if you have trouble defeating it. Afterwards go to the center statue in this room and you will see that the queen has been turned to stone, then a tear comes from the statue as Odin gains to the next level and becomes Raiden. Don’t worry if you didn’t learn METEOR from Odin, if you’ve defeated all the dragons you will get Crusader and learn METEOR 10 times as fast. Afterwards you will now have the esper Raiden in your hands!