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Narche, Mog and Umaro

Items: Rune Edge, Moogle Charm, Elixir, Cursed Shield, Ragnarok, 5000GP, Wall Ring, Hyper Wrist, Theif Knife, Sneak Ring
Recommended lvl: 29

Head to Narche and inside there is a wolf that will tell you that there is basically nothing left to do here and only a treasure hunter can pick those locks. Wait a minute, you do have Locke right? Good then have him in your party. Now head to the weapons shop and go downstairs and talk to the old man, he will give you a magicite, you can except it as the magicite Ragnarok or have the sword Ragnarok, it doesn’t matter. But I would take the sword because if you have the Paladin Shield that means you can learn Ultima, but the Ragnarok Esper can morph opponents into items.

You decide, then head for the house above the relics shop and speak with the sick man downstairs and he will give you the CURSED SHIELD, he mentions if you can break its curse imagine its defense power! You can break the curse by equipping the shield and winning 255 battles with it and it will turn into the PALADIN SHIELD. But with the load times of the PSX, good luck! Ha! If you do equip the CURSED SHIELD make sure you have the RIBBON relic on as well, you can stop everything except for the Condemned status, and you must wear it and win battles as well.

Now head to the west side of town to the mines through the old man’s house from earlier in the game and find that moogle cave you found earlier in the game, inside talk to the Moogle inside and he will tell you not to scare him like that, the party as you can expect is surprised to hear that the moogle can talk.

“Human-loving, fast-talking, street-smart, SLAM-dancing…Moogle…”

Here you will be given the chance to name him, so go ahead and name him Mog. Here it appears that the “old psycho, Ramuh” came to him in his dreams and said to be expecting the party. And now he is going to join your party and he mentions something about Yeti muscle, he says he is here somewhere in the mines and if they can find him Mog will order him to join the party. Now check the wall DIRECTLY behind moogle to recieve a MOOGLE CHARM.

Now head towards the northern mines and along the way you will see a blue dragon walking around, approach it to initiate a fight, if you are strong enough. Check the 8 dragons section at the top of the Side Areas portion of the FF6 walkthrough on how to beat it. If you do decide to fight it, there is a save point just above, its in the exact same position as you saw it when Kefka tried to raid Narche for the esper. Then continue on and you will see the esper you protected earlier, it will attack you.

Boss Strategy

Tritoch HP: 30,000
Item: N/A
In this battle use any one of your strong magic attacks. Don’t use any elemental based attack or else you will heal him. Use your Blitz attacks SwdTech Rage, etc. Keep your HP above 1000 to survive his Ice 3 attack. He will occasionally use Rasp which will drain away a porion of your MP, but make sure to keep your MPs in check.

After the battle you will have freed him from the prison of ice and he still can’t believe that the war has lasted over a thousand years(it really hasn’t since he was in ice for so long) and he will then lend you his power. Then afterwards an opening in the cliff will open up and go towards it and jump in. Then head for the left side and drop to the floor below and pick up the GUANTLET and go back to the upper floor and to the left is a treasure chest containing an X-ETHER, then take the MIDDLE staircase and then in this room(the one in which you started in) take the left but avoid the pitfalls as you can clearly see by the shading on the floor.

Then go towards the treasure chest and you will be attacked by three Pugs, and this battle is pretty tough. They will use Pearl in this battle so keep your HP above 800, but they will use Pearl as a counter attack against your Ultima attack. After the battle they will give you a MINERVA. Then go back to the room to the right and take the path all the way to the right and here you will drop to the bottom floor. Here make your way to the top room through the wooden bridge. Here in this room you will see a switch, ignore that switch and go to the right and hit that switch and you will fall to the room below. Here in this room DO NOT HEAD FOR THE DOOR JUST YET! Check the skull in the middle of the room and take the magicite Terrato out of the eye and then a monster will approach you and attack you.

Boss Strategy

Tritoch HP: 17,200
Item: N/A
This battle will be pretty easy, his physical attacks do pitiful damage. Use your most powerful magics in this battle and keep your HP up above 150 HP to survive its Blizzard attack, yes he is that weak.

After the battle have Mog talk to the Yeti monster and Mog will order him to join the party, and he does.

“Admirer of bone-carvings, as strong as a gigas, a yeti pal with muscle!”

Here you will be given the chance to name him, just name him Umaro and be on with it. After the battle he will either join your current party or if your current party is full he will leave for the “big airship.” Congratulations! You have now acquired a ton of new items and you have some new allies!