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The Demon that Roams

Items: Bahamut Magicite
Recommended lvl: 32

In the World of Ruin, on your airship fly around the World of Ruin, fly around the world and eventually a DoomGlaze will attack you.

Boss Strategy

DoomGlaze HP: 55,555
Item: N/A

This battle shouldn’t be too hard. Keep attacking him until he’s gone. He will leave after you lose him about 8,000 HP. NOTE: You can defeat him quickly like you can with most bosses by first casting Vanish on him and then X-Zone. It’s a quick victory yes, but you will not get the BAHAMUT esper.

After the battle keep roaming around the world and the DoomGlaze will approach you again. Keep doing this five times and he will drop a BAHAMUT esper. Congratulations! You have now received the strongest esper in the game, too bad Leviathan was never in this game!