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Gau’s Lost Father

Items: N/A
Recommended lvl: N/A

NOTE: You must have talk to this man with Sabin and Edgar prior to having Gau in your party. The old man will tell you to use the chair to reach the roof, but the two leave and outside they wonder if it is Gau’s father.

Now on the top right corner of the map is a large island north of the Veldt and at the top left tip of the island is a small house. Go inside with Gau in your party and talk to the old man inside. He will tell you to leave unless your a repairman, Gau will seem a bit startled. Now as the party leaves the place and Gau will seem a bit dumbfounded. Sabin wants to know if that’s really his father, but Gau doesn’t even know if that is his father himself. But Sabin thinks that’s definitely his father, and the party decides to go in and tell the old man the good news. But Gau can’t go in looking like that so they head over to Jidoor.

In here (Shadow, Gogo, Umaro, and Mog are abscent from the picture here even though you have found all of them, why? Because it would be too much of a hassle to put in all variations of this scenario) the party teaches Gau good manners and teach him how to speak properly, then Terra helps Gau select out his clothes along with Cyan and Celes. The party finally decide on Gau’s new clothes but they are a bit funky as Setzer suggests that Gau wears the hippest clothes to date, like the one’s Setzer are wearing. Afterwards Gau are in his new clothes as they walk inside, Sabin tells the aged man that he had a son right?

Then introduces Gau, the aged man denies that he ever had a son, but now that they mentioned it he talks about his horrible dream that a demon-child was born. He says that he grabbed the child and rushed it off to the Veldt and it was crying like crazy when he was at the Veldt. He left the child there and started to run never looking back, but then the crying stops as he saw a frightful monster, never has he saw such horror.

He tells Sabin that his parents must have been proud of them but he still dreams of that demon-child, but after several tries to talk to the aged man, Sabin becomes angry at him and wants to clobber him, but Gau stops him and leaves outside. Sabin apologizes, and Gau realizes that he is happy. What a rotten father.