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Kefka’s Treasure

Items: Safety Bit, Gem Box, Air Anchor, Stunner, Genji Shield, Force Armor
Recommended lvl:50

NOTE: In this tower you can only use magic, your fight command WILL NOT show up on your command screen. Gogo however can use his fight command if you give him the fight command. Also monsters in here can be destroyed without knocking away their HP, if you use Osmose on some of these monsters they will die out as well.

Head for the Magic Tower, the place where you acquired Strago in. Here head for the top of the tower. Its pretty linear, but its VERY long, like the Pheonix Tower in FF5, except its not that long. In the first part of the tower and there is a door leading to a treasure chest, inside is a SAFETY BIT relic, go to the right of the treasure chest and check the wall and you will hear a noise, go outside and a door below you will open and enter it and pick up the AIR ANCHOR for Edgar.

In the next part of the tower is another room leading to a GENJI SHLD, pick that up and continue onto the third part of the tower. In the third part of the tower is a STUNNER as well as a dragon, check the 8 Dragons portion of the Side Area section on how to defeat it. After picking that up go towards the fourth part of the tower and pick up the FORCE ARMOR. Then continue to the top of the tower and pick up the GEM BOX, then leave, but as you do a slew of ghosts will stop you and tell you to put back Kefka’s treasure, but you can’t since it’s too late. Then the MagiMaster will make his way around and attack you.

Boss Strategy

MagiMaster HP: 50,000
Item: N/A

NOTE: In this battle you can Berserk him, his physical attacks are weak and he won’t cast Ultima at the end because he’s in Berserk mode. However if you do not have the magic Berserk, then follow the battle plan below.

This boss is one tough customer. Immediately cast Life 3 on as many party members as you can in this battle prior to beating him and keep your HP at a constant Max. Use all your strong magics like Meteor, Ultima, Flare, or Pearl. He is immensely powerful, his Fire 2 attack does about 1000 HP of damage, yes a weak spell like that does massive damage. Keep repeating the pattern and when you defeat him he will use Ultima, which will cause at LEAST 5500 HP to every character, and if one character is standing it will do 9999 HP of damage, but since Life 3 was cast prior to him using Ultima your character will come back to life.

After the battle the GEM BOX relic is now yours which lets you cast two consecutive magics in one round.