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Acquiring GOGO

Take your airship to the small island on the top right corner of the world and walk into a random encounter and you should meet up with a ZoneEater and let it Engulf the entire party. After it Engulfs the entire party you will be under the island. In here don’t go up, its the exit out of here and since you didn’t do anything here then why would you want to leave? Take the stairs down and in this area walk towards the left and jump your way across. Watch for the walking green men though, don’t try to talk to them because all they will do is push you to the floor below and you will have to make your way back up.

Along the way pick up the GENJI ARMOR, MAGICAL BRUSH, and a FAKEMUSTACHE. But if you do get bumped off make sure you pick up the RED JACKET and an ETHER. Then continue onto the next room which contains a save point, save your game and heal your wounds if any. Then make your way to the next room, in this room its a bit tricky. The ceiling will constantly drop and move up, avoid getting crushed and move to each treasure chest and STAY IN FRONT OF THE TREASURE CHEST! That is primarily the safest position in the room, pick up the ZEPHYR CAPE and HERO RING(NOTE: Having the Sprint Shoes really helps in here).

NOTE: The third treasure chest in the room which is on the far left of the room IS NOT SAFE! Do not stay in front of it otherwise you will get crushed. What I do is after the second treasure chest I make my way down to the bottom left of the room and wait for the ceiling to lift up(with the help of the Sprint Shoes of course) and then pick up the TACK STAR.

Then continue onto the next room and in here you will have to hop across treasure chests, as you do make sure you hit the switch near the entrance of the room as well. In this room there is a THUNDER SHLD as well, then continue onto the next room and in here talk to the figure in the middle of the room:

“Shrouded in odd clothing, …is this a man…? …a woman…? …or should we ask…?

Here you will be given the chance to name this man or woman, just name him Gogo and be on with it. Here he will mimic your actions in battle only if he deems you worthy, quite modest if you ask me. The party tells Gogo what they are doing here and he is a bit astonished by their tale and decides to help them out because they want to right the wrongs. Now that he is with you, you can have him in your party at any time by rearranging your party members on yur airship.