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Cyan’s Nightmare

Items: Remedy, Ice Shield, X-Potion, Flame Shield, Genji Glove, Beads, Ether, Elixir, Phoenix Down, Lump Of Metal
Recommended lvl: 38

Remember Doma Castle? Head back there which is on the small island west of the Veldt and make sure you have Cyan in your party. Earlier in the World of Balance this place was overrun with imperial troops, but after the incident most of the imperial troops were caught in the aftermath of the day of Kefka. Inside here there is an ETHER, and take the room to the right and sleep, but Cyan however is still asleep. Then three kids come in and introduce themselves being Curley, Larry, and Moe(what a coincidence).

They are the three dream stooges and they want Cyan’s soul and they all jump in Cyan’s head as does the party. Here you will start off with your party members divided, now you will have to find the others. Here take the left and then take the right door, and you will find your other party member unconsious, but one of the dream stooges walks off until he can reunite with his other borhters. Check with your party member to see if he or she is alright and then head to the door on the right.

In here take the door on the top, now take the door on the right and your other party member is unconsious, but the other dream stooge runs off. Check your party member and then head to the left door. Here take the left side and enter that door. In here walk to the door and go inside, but before you can do that the three dream stooges bump you off.

Boss Strategy

Curly, Larry, Moe HP: 15,000(C) 10,000(L) 12,500(M)
Item: N/A
As you cna expect in this battle use your best magic attacks. Use your Blitz, Rage, Tools, etc. Keep your HP up above 400 at all times unless you have something that can absorb lightnign or fire. I suggest keeping your magic spread in this battle, don’t try to concentrate your attacks on one dream stooge otherwise if they recover they will immediately pull off their Delta Attack, which will stone a character(as seen in FFIV and FFV). They can revive as many times as needed to defeat you, but if you keep casting Ultima or Meteo they should go down one after the other.

After the battle go through the door and you will find a familiar place. Its the Ghost Train, keep going towards the left and you will see Cyan being chased by a ghost, follow him inside. There is a treasure chest that can be accessed by pulling the switch near the door, you must go around and pick it up, but do it quickly otherwise you will not be able to reach it because the box will go back to its position if you are too slow, so having the SPRINT SHOES relic really helps here. Pick up the GENJI GLOVE and then go to the far left of this box car and pick up the lump of metal, after doing that put it in the treasure chest that would block your path each time you tried to reach for the treasure chest. Pick up the FLAME SHLD and then hit the switch to the left:


(A = Opened treasure chest)
(B = Closed treasure chest)

Memorize these positions as it saids so on the open book on the desk as it may save you. Then continue onto the left side to the next box car. Here in this box car hit the first switch and pick up the ICE SHLD and then hit the other switch to the left. Now go back to the first switch and hit the switch which will move the couch back to its regular position and it will clear the way for you to hit the middle switch. Hit the middle switch and then hit the first switch to the right. Then after that hit the last switch to the left and the two boxes will move out of the way and you can go under and to the other side. Here its the same set up with the treasure chests again, did you remember the pattern? Then do the exact same pattern that you saw earlier and then hit the switch and the left side’s wall will open up.

Now continue onto the next box car and inside is a save point so save your game and heal your wounds and continue onto the engine room to the left. In here there are three switches at the top right side, reverse the switches and then head out and this time you will be in magitek armor. Make your way outside and then go back inside, you heard me. If you continue to the right you will just continue to go around in circles. In here make your way around and outside you will see Cyan, he will run pass the bridge, as you follow him the bridge below will break and send you down below. You will now awaken in the room you rested in but you are still in Cyan’s dream.

Then Owain and Elayne will tell you to save Cyan, they tell you that you are inside Cyan’s soul. Cyan continues to torture himself because he failed to defend Doma, the world is slowly dying, and then there’s his family. A beast known as Wrexsoul is taking advantage of this situation, he is a monster made up of wretched souls made up or spirits from meaningless wars. Now a save point will pop up, so save your game and heal your wounds if any and then make your way to the center of the castle and you will see Cyan unconscious and Wrexsoul has already begun his dirty work, but its not too late.

Boss Strategy

Wrexsoul & SoulSaver HP: Wrexsoul (23,066) Soul Saver (3,066)
Item: N/A

NOTE: When Wrexsoul is on the screen, cast X-Zone and he should be gone.

Here in this battle he tells you that he will come back when you are about to expire. THIS IS A CLUE! He then leaves. Don’t bother with the SoulSavers because you cannot destroy them because no matter HOW MANY times you kill them they will come back to life. First aim your attacks at your party members and knock out everybody except one. After that he will come back and now strike him with everything you’ve got and revive your party members and blast back for Cyan’s sake. If he disappears do the whole process again except you will have to have the party member that was alive, when Wrexsoul came back, kill him or her and have a new party member standing when Wrexsoul comes back. After the battle you will receive the POD BRACELET.

After the battle Cyan thanks you and he heard his wife and child calling to him and they gave him the courage to fight his own suffering. Then Owain and Elayne comes in, but Cyan feels that he is a man with no honor, but his family doesn’t believe so. After the battle they say their last goodbyes for now and a sword appears, Cyan reaches for it and the party is now out of his nightmare. After the nightmare Cyan realizes that he has to forget about the past nad clears his soul of all doubt and confusion.

Then his swordsmanship level attain its peak level of skill meaning that you will now have full access to all his SwdTech abilities! Just try the Quadra Slice on level 7 and you’ll be amazed! Now head back to the throne room in which you saw the magicite sitting on the chair and pick it up to recieve the magicite ALEXANDR. Now that you have ALEXANDR and all of Cyan’s SwdTech abilities you’ll be unstoppable!