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FFXIV Jobs – Dragoon

The symbol of the nation of Ishgard, these fierce dragon slayers developed their skill against the toughest beasts in the realm. Their violent downward thrusts carry enough force to shatter through dragon scale, as their mighty weapons felled these winged creatures. The dragoon is the epitome of aerial combat, and a party with companions who hold this specialty will quickly feel validated after witnessing their devastating attacks.

The Dragoon job is one of the most beloved jobs to have in any Final Fantasy game due to their high reflexive skills, evasion, and their stylish armor. In Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, the Dragoon is a possible choice for any player who wishes to use a long spear or polearm for both long and short distance attacks. To obtain this job, the player must chose the Lancer, and Pugilist class through the disciplines of War.

With the polearm as their main weapon, your character can level up as a lancer and soon level up to be a prized dragoon ready for any event or story time dungeon. With using legendary skills such as “Jump” and “Highwind,” your dragoon will level up to possess many useful and powerful skills if you are either working with a group or if you are working alone. The Lancer class and Dragoon Job are vital assets to the game play and to the city-state of Gridania. With this in mind, there are a couple selection of races you can choose from to make full use of the Dragoon class.

In Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn for the Lancer class and Dragoon Job, you can choose from the following races: The Wildwood Elezen and the Mi’qote. The Wildwood Elezen race helped with the finding of Gridania and thus will provide an interesting back story and specific traits to your character as a dragoon. With the Mi’qote, they have high reflexes with their statistics as they level up and will prove their reflexes most useful in the Dragoon job. Between the two races, the Wildwood Elezen would be the best fit due to their keen sense of sight and honor to Gridania. If you are simply looking for strong reflexes and strength, the Mi’qote will be useful.