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Balamb Garden – Hostile Takeover / MD Level

  • Rare Cards


  • Draw Points

    Cure, Esuna, Demi, Blizzard, Full-life

  • GFs


  • Magazines


  • Enemies

    Bite Bug, Glacial Eye, Caterchipillar, Bomb, Grat, T-Rexaur, Granaldo, Grendel (Balamb Garden), Buel, Blood Soul, Blobra, Tri-Face (MD Level)

Junction Squall’s party then head north towards the Lobby. Talk to any Garden Faculty you see and fight the random monsters that appear. Continue further into Balamb Garden to meet Raijin and Fujin, who explain that the Master Party is attempting a takeover. Squall has to look for Cid, so start searching in a clockwise direction:

  • Infirmary Fight a Granaldo then talk to Dr. Kadowaki to get an Elixir
  • Quad Fight a Glacial Eye and Bomb then speak with 3 students below to get an X-Potion
  • Cafeteria Fight a Bomb (draw Meltdown from it) then use the Demi DP further up
  • Dormitory Fight a Caterchipillar then rest and save in your room
  • Parking Lots Fight a Grendel then get a Tent from the students
  • Training Center Fight a T-Rexaur then talk to the kids to get a Remedy
  • Library Fight a Grat then get a Mega-Phoenix from the girl who likes Zell

All of the battles on the 1st floor have to be triggered before the following event occurs:

Returning to the Main Lobby, Squall spots Xu entering the elevator. Follow her to the 2nd floor corridor. After telling her about the missile attack, ride the elevator up to the 3rd floor. Speak with Cid and get a key to the basement. Return to the elevator and ride down to MD Level.

When the elevator hangs, examine the control panel then use the floor plate in the upper left corner to escape. Climb down the shaft then continue forward until you reach a hatch. Descend. After Squall gives a tutorial on elemental attacks, move on until you reach a door. Enter and examine the mounted wheel. Mash away at the [Square] button to turn it within 10 seconds. You’ll probably need 2 people to succeed. Once turned, return to the previous screen and climb down the newly uncovered ladder.

At the bottom, use the Full-life DP then head left and select who’ll scout the place. Ascend the ladder. When you reach the Switch Room, activate the green control panel on the right. Use the same ladder (1st option) to leave. Back on the bottom, examine the green light near the railing to open a path leading down. Descend and save, then throw the nearby switch to raise a gate in the background. Head north.


HP: 4,035
AP: 20
Strength: Water
Weakness: Fire
Draw: Esuna, Blind, Cura, Confuse

Summon Ifrit to make short work of them. If you receive any maladies, draw and use Esuna to cure. They’re pretty fast, so you might want to cast Slow on them if your character has a poor affiliation with Ifrit. Watch your HP and heal as necessary.

After the fight, continue north through the opening and go down the ladder. Watch an FMV then move left. Examine the middle panel a couple of times until it lurches. After watching another FMV, you’ll be back with Cid on the 3rd floor.