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Galbadia Garden – Invasion

  • Rare Cards


  • Draw Points

    Aura, Protect, Life, Shell, Haste

  • GFs

    Cerberus, Alexander (Edea)

  • Magazines


  • Enemies

    G-Soldier, Elite Soldier, Creeps, Jelleye, Death Claw, Blitz, Tri-Face, Slapper (Hockey Rink)

  • Blue Magic


Once Rinoa is rescued, head left. After the two share a moment outside the compound, name Squall’s ring (Griever is the default) then select the 2nd option to enter Galbadia Garden. If you have Siren’s Move-Find ability equipped, you’ll see an Aura DP to the right. Use it before entering.

Inside, save and re-organize your party (junction accordingly). Enter the door on the right then take another right on the next screen to reach the stairs. Go up and speak to Raijin and Fujin, who choose to leave the party alone. Head left from them and enter the door on the right. Talk to the male student inside to get the 1st Card Key.

Return to the save point downstairs then head left. Unlock the left door to get to the ice hockey rink. Use the Haste DP on the ice then enter the locker room on the left to access the Life DP. Exit and go through the door on the right to reach a hallway. Once there, enter the classroom on the right. Talk with the student inside to get a 2nd Card Key. Backtrack to the Save Point near the entrance.

Proceed east to the stairs and go up to the 3rd floor. Use the Card Key to get outside. Leap down onto the court and head left. Use the Shell DP then enter what should be familiar hallway. Head south past the stairs until you reach the main lobby. Use the Save Point to the east before approaching the GF in the center.


HP: 10,000
AP: 30
Strength: Wind, Thunder
Weakness: ???
Draw: Quake, Double, Triple

Cerberus will cast Triple on itself, allowing him to attack 3 times in a row. Undo this by using Dispel. The boss also uses Tornado and Quake, which can cause significant damage. Decrease the effect by casting Protect or Float on your party. Avoid using wind and thunder-based magic on him as he absorbs both. Demi works well as do GFs Ifrit and Diablos. Draw a few Triple spells and mug him for a Spd-J Scroll if you can.

Once you’ve received GF Cerberus (and his card), use the DP he was guarding. Follow the western path to a hallway. Enter the door on your left and speak with a female student inside to get the 3rd Card Key. Return to the Lobby and head north. Take the stairs up t the 2nd Floor. Once there, head left and unlock the elevator. Ride it up to a room with a Save Point and two adversaries.


HP: 10,000
AP: 20
Strength: ???
Weakness: Poison
Draw: Fira, Thundara, Dispel, Haste

Counter Seifer’s high attack power by casting Protect on your allies. As his HP drops, he’ll start using Demon Slice, which causes a great deal of damage to a single member. Seifer tends to focus his attacks on Squall (especially if Squall is your primary offense) so have the others keep him as healthy as possible. Evenetually, he’ll stop the fight.

After the battle, return to 2F and head right. Use Siren’s Move-Find ability to locate a secret save point towards the end of the path. After saving your game, continue forward to enter the Auditorium.


HP: 7,400
Strength: ???
Weakness: Posion
Draw: Fira, Thundara, Dispel, Haste

He’s weakened, so take some time drawing good spells from him before finishing him off. Also, make sure your party’s healed up before eliminating him as you’ll have to fight Edea immediately afterwards.


HP: 15,000
AP: 50
Strength: ???
Weakness: Demi
Draw: Blizzara, Demi, Esuna, GF Alexander

Draw GF Alexander from her first then follow up with Shell on your members. Edea is capable of a few pretty nasty spells, including Death and Maelstrom, which takes off half of each member’s HP in addition to causing status ailments. Draw and use Demi on her then attack with Diablos. If Edea endows herself with Reflect, break it with Dispel. Be sure to leave a character on standby to revive those hit by Death. If you feel confident, try stealing a Royal Crown from her.

After the battle, watch the cut-scene then save and switch to Disc 3.