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Fisherman’s Horizon

  • Rare Cards

    Quezacotl (Dobe)

  • Draw Points

    Regen, Shell, Haste, Ultima, Full-life

  • GFs


  • Magazines

    Timber Maniacs (FH Hotel, Repair Shop), Occult Fans Vol. III (Master Fisherman)

  • Enemies

    SAM08G, GIM47N, G-Soldier, Elite Soldier

Head east along the path until you find a partially hidden ladder. Descend it and follow the trail to an elderly fisherman. Choose to apologize to him (1st option) to get Occult Fans, Vol. III. Talk with him until he asks Squall for a favor.

Return to the original path and continue east. Speak to the crane operator to get down. Before taking the northern path to visit the Mayor, head left. Use the Regen DP near the Save Point then continue heading east. Once in town, enter the door on the left. Inside, buy items then pay 100 gil to rest. Search the floor of the guestroom for an issue of Timber Maniacs then leave the Inn.

Head right, down the wooden dock. Talk to the kid in the boat 3 or 4 times (until he mentions his teacher, who is the old fisherman you met earlier). Afterwards, talk to the man standing next to the Shell DP to refine your weapons. When finished, return to the main path and head north.

Enter the Repair Shop on the right and speak to the Grease Monkey inside. Search the floor next to him for an issue of Timber Maniacs then exit. Follow the left path down to a Plaza where a couple of people want to play cards. Take the northern stairs up to a dormant train depot. Use the Haste DP at the end of the path then return to the previous area. Backtrack to the Save Point and head west. At the intersection, take the northern path down to Mayor Dobe’s house.

Enter the house and go upstairs. Locate a hidden Ultima DP on the right then speak to the Mayor (who holds Quezacotl’s card, btw). Leave and start heading back up the dish. When the Galbadian army arrives, return to the Mayor’s house to get more information. Save your game and head over to the Plaza in front of the Train Station. Once there, you’ll have to contend with a few Galbadian soldiers, but they offer little resistance. Their demise heralds the arrival of a familiar boss.


HP: 6,900
AP: 20
Strength: Poison
Weakness: Thunder, Earth, Water
Draw: Shell, Protect, Stop

Draw and cast Protect on your party members then use Quezacotl, Leviathan and Thunder-based spells on the boss. Steal Adamantine from it if you can. There’s a chance of halting most of its attacks if you successfully cast Blind on it.

After the battle, Selphie’s missile base team appears and the full party is reunited. Talk to Rinoa then try sharing a few words with Mayor Dobe (pick the 1st, then the 2nd choice to keep the conversation going). When finished, start heading back to Balamb Garden.

After meeting up with Irvine, take the ladder down to the Master Fisherman, who asks that you visit him at the Hotel. Before going there, return to the Plaza area. If you previously conversed with the Cafeteria Lady about her son at Balamb Garden, talk to the man in a white shirt here three times. Go to the Repair Shop and speak to the Galbadian Officer inside. Leave and re-enter, then talk to Grease Monkey for a Mega-Phoenix.

Now, go to the 2nd floor of the Inn to meet the Master Fisherman. After viewing an interesting holographic display involving Dobe, choose to accompany the Master Fisherman a bit longer (2nd option). Follow him down the wooden dock and agree with his opinions (1st option) during the course of the scene. Talk to him afterwards and pick the 2nd option to get a Megalixir. Afterwards, save your game and ride the crane back up to Balamb Garden.