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Missile Base

  • Rare Cards


  • Draw Points

    Full-life, Blind, Blizzara

  • GFs


  • Magazines

    Weapons Monthly June (BGH251F2)

  • Enemies

    G-Soldier, Elite Soldier, Geezard, SAM08G

Once inside, enter the structure on the left. Save and examine the terminal between the 2 doors to unlock the left door. Enter it. The group sees a guard outside the Circuit Room—choose the 2nd option to walk. Proceed until you reach another Save Point. Take the far left path next to the stairs to get to an area with a Blind DP. Talk to the 2 soldiers you find there then return to the previous save point.

Enter the center door and talk to the guards within. Tell them that they have to check the Circuit Room themselves (1st option). Before leaving the room, find the Full-life DP.

Return to the 2 soldiers off the left path, who ask Selphie to go in their place. Go back to the previous Save Point and take the left staircase back to the Circuit Room. Speak to the guard to get inside. Once there, use the Blizzara DP then screw around with the controls: Select the 1st option, followed by the 2nd, then bash away until power is cut off to the base. Exit the room and respond to the guards outside. Choose to lie, causing the guards to enter the room wherein the group pummels them.

Afterwards, return to the Launcher Lift door and attempt to enter. A guard will stop you. Choose the 1st option both times to gain access. Once inside, position Selphie in between the soldiers pushing against the load then mash the [Square] button to move the launcher in place. Leave the room and activate the control panel to the right of the door.

Verify the Equipment (select BAG0003A cruise missiles) and try to set the Target. Next, shift the Error Ratio to the maximum then upload the data to the main terminal. Run a Simulation test before exiting the system. Save your game then talk to the guard on the stairs to get past him.


HP: 781 / 1,005
AP: 4
Strength: ?
Weakness: Posion
Draw: Blizzard, Silence, Confuse / Thunder, Confuse, Slow, Reflect

They’re capable of casting status ailments on your characters, but just draw Reflect to protect yourselves. Not too tough.

After defeating the soldiers, check the panels to the right, middle and left to stop the launch. Go through the door on the upper right and examine the terminal in the upper left. Activate the self-destruct sequence and set the timer to 20 minutes. The lower right door will become usable, allowing for a shortcut (this only happens when you select 20 minutes or below). Leave the base.


HP: 8,200
AP: 20
Strength: Poison
Weakness: Thunder, Earth, Water
Draw: Shell, Protect, Stop

Junction Thundara, Quake or Water to elemental attack and repeatedly cast Quezacotl. Once you destroy some of the pillar-like structures on it, the BGH251F2 will retaliate with Beam Cannon, so watch your HPs. Draw & use Protect and/or Shell to cut down on damage taken.

Once the BGH251F2 is put out of action, you have to combat 2 Galbadian Soldiers and an Elite Soldier, so save some time to do them in. You’ll get the June issue of Weapons Monthly and if you successfully bluffed your way through the Base, your SeeD Ranking will increase by 2. After the base self-destructs, you’ll take control of Squall.