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Winhill Revisited (optional)

  • Rare Cards


  • Draw Points

    Curaga, Dispel, Reflect, Drain

  • GFs


  • Magazines


  • Enemies

    Vysage, Lefty, Righty, Blood Soul

Winhill is located south of the Galbadian continent, not far from D-District Prison and Timber. Once there, enter the mansion in the center of town. Talk to the owner standing on the stairs to initiate a mini-game, which requires you to find 4 pieces of a broken vase. Have Irvine in your party to trigger the 1st event:

Repeatedly examine the suit of armor in the mansion, which is left of the huge flower vase. The chicobo within will drop the 1st fragment. Leave and head south until you arrive at the Flower Shop.

Follow the old lady into her shop and reply ‘yes’ (1st option) when she asks Squall whether he likes flowers. Locate the 2nd fragment among the flowers in the foreground. Leave and head north.

At the Chocobo Crossing sign, you’ll see a little chicobo fluttering around. Press [X] when it’s at your feet. It’ll throw up a variety of items each time you do that; one of them will be the 3rd vase piece.

Go back to Raine’s house and speak with the new owner upstairs twice. Afterwards, head down to the 1st floor and examine the glass bowl with lilies on the table in the foreground. Raine’s spirit should appear behind the bar. When she vanishes, examine the cat that appears for the final fragment. Take all 4 of them back to the mansion to get a Holy Stone from the owner.