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Balamb Garden – Invasion

  • Rare Cards


  • Draw Points


  • GFs


  • Magazines


  • Enemies

    G-Soldier, Elite Soldier, Paratrooper, GIM52A

  • Blue Magic


With an invasion eminent, Squall must address the students over the intercom. Give out commands in this order:

  1. The Garden’s course
  2. Prepare for the attack
  3. Prepare our defense
  4. Call my comrades
  5. Take care of the junior classmen
  6. No orders/End

Take the elevator down to 1F and meet up with your companions at the front gate. Select a party then head up to the 2nd floor. Direct all the students on that floor. After leaving the Classroom, speak to the lone kid walking in the hallway to get a Cottage. Afterwards, go down to the Quad. Use the new Save Point near the entrance then continue forward until you meet Zell, who is assembling troops. When Rinoa arrives, speak to her then watch as the two Gardens attack each other.

When you take control of Zell, re-junction and head to the western wing of the Quad, where a collision throws Rinoa off the platform. Leave her for now and make your way to the Front Gate to meet up with Squall. Form a party of 3: Squall is a compulsory character and Zell is assigned to rescue Rinoa.

Controlling Squall’s party (remember to junction), head up to the 2F Classroom. Fight off 4 paratroopers then talk to everyone inside. Leave the Classroom and take the elevator up to 3F. After watching the cut-scenes, return to the 2nd floor where Squall is asked to look for a missing child. You’ll find him at the end of the corridor on 2F, but get knocked down by a trooper as you approach. When he pins Squall against the wall, press [X] to reveal 3 choices. Select the 3rd one to notice an emergency hatch. Press [X] again and select the 2nd option to unlock the door.

In this mini-game, Squall starts off at a disadvantage with lesser health, but you can win easily by mashing away at the [Punch] button right from the start. If you’re fast enough, Squall will cut off all attempts at retaliation from the trooper. If he starts to block repeatedly, kick him. An alternate strategy is to hold down [Block] until the [Deathblow] command appears, which knocks off two-thirds of the trooper’s health in one hit. Finish him off with a flurry of punches and kicks. If the trooper wins, you’ll be prompted to try again.