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Trabia Garden

  • Rare Cards

    Selphie (Selphie’s friend)

  • Draw Points

    Thundaga, Zombie, Aura

  • GFs


  • Magazines

    Timber Maniacs, Weapons Monthly August

  • Enemies

    Abyss Worm, Cactuar, Chimera Blue

Head north to Trabia Garden. Once there, follow Selphie. An ex-classmate near the gargoyle statue asks Squall if he’s been looking after Selphie. Answer however you like. (The ex-classmate holds Selphie’s card, but the ‘Random’ rule enforced here makes it rather difficult to get.) Use the Thundaga DP next to her then head northwest.

At the intersection, go right to find a Save Point. Speak to the kid in blue until he hints at a secret treasure. Return to the gargoyle statue and take 5 steps south. Search the ground for the August issue of Weapons Monthly. If you have trouble locating it, tap [X] repeatedly around the area. After finding it, head north to the cemetery. Selphie will probably be there and if you have Siren’s Move-Find ability equipped, use the Zombie DP. After speaking with Selphie, return to the statue area and head northwest.

At the intersection, take the left path. Talk to the students who are standing next to an Aura DP then continue heading west. When you reach the basketball court, speak to everyone at least once or until you see a ball roll into frame. During the flashback scene, move Squall to the beach. During the next flashback, talk to all of the children before heading through the door on the right. Irvine’s memories prompt the others to recall their forgotten childhood. After the cut-scenes, the group leaves Trabia Garden.