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D-District – Prison / Cell / Torture Chamber

  • Rare Cards


  • Draw Points


  • GFs


  • Magazines

    Combat King 001 (1st Floor)

  • Enemies

    Guard, Elite Soldier, GIM47N, GIM52A, Geezard, Thrustaevis, Wendigo

Zell awakens in a cell with Quistis, Selphie and Rinoa. Talk to everyone. As for Squall, he is transported to a cell high above the others. The scene shifts back and forth between Zell’s group and Squall being interrogated by Seifer. When given the choice, have Squall refuse to surrender to Seifer.

Back in Zell’s cell, choose to defend the little Moomba, who is being abused by a guard. Talk to everyone in the cell until Zell plans an escape. Junction him before heading up to the 8th floor. Once there, approach the 2 guards who are examining Squall’s Gunblade. After Zell recovers the weapons, the scene shifts to Squall who is freed by 3 Moombas. Watch the cut-scene and when you regain control of Zell, head back to the 7th floor prison cell.


HP: 1,467 / 1,416
AP: 10
Strength: ???
Weakness: Poison
Draw: Cura, Haste, Slow, Regen / Fira, Shell, Protect, Reflect

Spend some time drawing Regen and Reflect from them or mug them for a few decent items. Send them to their doom with your GFs.

After the fight, you can either go up or down. Going down results in a dead-end, but you’ll find several goodies on the way. It’s impossible to return here later, so make the trip now.

Floor 7: Here’s where you start.
Floor 6: Just a Save Point.
Floor 5: A man will play cards with you.
Floor 4: Check the cells for a Tent.
Floor 3: Check the cells for a Pet House.
Floor 2: Check the cells for a Pet Name Tag and a Str Up.
Floor 1: Check the cells for a Save Point and an issue of Combat King 001.

After getting the items, make your way up again.

Floor 8: Check the cells for a man who sells items.
Floor 9: Check the cells for a Berserk DP.
Floor 10: Save and play cards with a man, who will upgrade your Battle Report if you win.
Floor 11: Check the cells for a Thundaga DP plus the chance to play cards.
Floor 12: Nothing here.
Floor 13: Enter the Torture Room to meet up with Squall.

If you refused to surrender as Squall, the Moombas in the Torture Room will offer to remove some barriers on the floors of the prison. Choose the option for the 4th floor and 2 others. Junction the party and ride the Arm to the bottom, hitting the red switch when Zell tells you to. Examine the door at the end of the passage then return to the Arm. The scene shifts back to Zell, who must escape from the guards alone. Junction him then move in a clockwise direction. Enemies should pose little threat.

When the 6 are reunited, divide the party into 2 groups. Squall’s group will be heading upwards; Irvine’s must make its way down to the 4th floor. When Squall’s party reaches the 14th floor, talk to any Moombas you see as they offer some nice items. Go up the metal staircase in the center to a Control Room and use Siren’s Move-Find ability to locate a secret Save Point there. Head right to get outside.


HP: 415 / 2,426
AP: 5
Strength: Poison
Weakness: Thunder, Earth, Water
Draw: Fire, Thunder, Blizzard, Scan / Haste, Slow, Dispel

Strategy: Off the Elite Soldier first then use Quezacotl against the GIM52As and attack with thunder-based spells. Watch out for their Micro Missiles, which drain half a character’s HP. You can break their Aura or Protect status by drawing and using Dispel on them. Using Siren on them makes them become slow and rubbery. Overall, they are not too difficult.

After fighting, the party hears Irvine calling to them over the intercom. Examine the control panel in the upper-right. After Irvine instructs Squall, go back downstairs and save. Return to the Control Room and head right to go outside. Cross the bridge. When it starts to retract, quickly move Squall towards the green light on the side of the bridge. Hold down the right d-pad button to avoid being crushed by the explosion. Once safe, the party leaves via stolen buggies.