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Balamb Garden – Mobilization / Basement

  • Rare Cards

    Seifer (Cid)

  • Draw Points


  • GFs

    Leviathan (Norg)

  • Magazines


  • Enemies


Talk to Cid then take the elevator down to 2F. Follow the corridor to the end and enter the red door. After watching the Garden take flight, leave and meet Xu in the corridor. Follow her back to the 3F Bridge. [If you have Rinoa in your party, you’ll see an additional scene where Rinoa enters Squall’s room and requests a tour around Balamb Garden.] Return to the Lobby. A faculty member tells Squall to go to the Master Room, so take the elevator down to the basement.

After speaking with Cid, head left to meet Norg, who is furious that Squall failed the assassination attempt.

NORG (Pod & 2 Orbs)

HP: 2,000 / 2,701 x 2
AP: 20
Strength: All elements
Weakness: ???
Draw: Cura / Dispel, Confuse, Slow / Thundara, Life, Bio

Physically attack the Orbs to keep them from turning red (they’re capable of some pretty nasty spells when they’re that color) and steal Magic Up & Spr Up potions from them if you can. Keep hitting the center Pod until the shell cracks open.

Once the Pod is nullified, the true NORG reveals himself.


HP: 11,900
AP: 20
Strength: Poison, Thunder
Weakness: Wind
Draw: Shell, Protect, Esuna, GF Leviathan

Draw GF Leviathan from him then follow up with wind-based spells, Demi magic and GFs.

After the fight, go to the infirmary and ask Cid about the events that just transpired. Return to the Lobby and speak with Xu. When a mysterious ship is sighted approaching Balamb Garden, head up to the 2F Lookout Deck. The SeeD members on board the ship ask Squall to locate Ellone. You’ll find her in the Library. When Squall asks about the Laguna dreams, Ellone will only tell him that was in the past.

The next day, Rinoa arrives to comfort Squall. Choose the 1st option to stroll with her then head to the 3rd floor. After the collision, Cid dispatches Squall to Fisherman’s Horizon to apologize to the Mayor. [Cid holds Seifer’s card, btw.] Make your way to the 2F Deck.