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When you arrive in Agrabah get your Keyblade out ready because the moment you go into the Main Street you will be attacked by the Heartless, so make sure that you get rid of them all. Then turn to the right side of the Main Street and you should see a pole that is inside a doorway. Climb up the pole to reach Aladdin’s House. Now when you’re in his house go over to the chest of draws on the wall and push it out of the way and unlock the mini Key Hole that is there. This will unlock a door in the town. Then go over to the Magic Carpet, which is stuck under a cabinet and set him free. Now go to the exit that leads to the Alley.

Once you rid of the Heartless in this place use the boxes so you can reach the higher level. Then unlock the second mini Key Hole up here to open another caged door. So go back to the Plaza now and then exit the Plaza to the Desert. You will meet up with the Magic Carpet again, so save your game here if you want and then talk to the Magic Carpet and he will take you across the desert.

When you are in the new area that the Magic Carpet took you defeat all of the Bandit Heartless and save Aladdin from them, now you can add him to your team if you wish. It seems that he was treasure hunting when the Heartless attacked him. So then you will go back to Agrabah to save Jasmine.

Defeat the Heartless once again when you’re back in the city, these guys just don’t know when to quit do they? Then when you have that taken care of go Alley and go to the Plaza from here. Then go back to Aladdin’s House. Once you’re done talking save your progress and then go back to the Plaza and jump across the shades that are on the wall and get to the other side.

Make sure that you DON’T go onto the ground, stay on the rooftops.

Then go through the door to the Bazzar. Then jump across the shutters to the Key Hole on the other side. Be quick though, because they snap shut if you stand on them for too long. Then go hrough the newly opened door to the Palace Gates.

Boss: Pot Centipede

There are a LOT of Pot Spiders that come to life during this battle and it’s a good idea that you take them all out first. Then lock onto either the head or the tail of the Pot Centipede and start to attack. Be careful of its bite. The battle will be over pretty quick. You will receive a Ray of Light for your troubles.

Head to Aladdin’s House and there will be a man there who will sell you good healing items. Buy a few Potions if you are running low. Save you game and then head to the Desert.

Cave of Wonders

The very moment that you are dropped off in the desert DON’T MOVE A MUSCLE! Pause the game and give Sora and the gang some items because the moment that you move forward a boss battle is going to start so make sure that you’re ready for it before you fight.

Boss: Tiger Head

This is an annoying battle. You have to Lock-On to its eyes and kill the darkness within them. Also, the Tiger Head will use a Fire Breath on you and he can summon Heartless. If you can jump onto the back of his head and attack his eyes, you have a good chance. But this is hard to do. Just wait for him to eat the sand and then jump on his face. When you win, his mouth will open and you can enter the Cave of Wonders.

So this is the Cave of Wonders that Aladdin was talking about, man there sure is a lot of stuff in here. And with all of this tuff is a a lot of Heartless so keep up your guard the whole time that you are here, because you will be doing a lot of battling. When you first come in go down the stairs near the entrance so you can go into the Relic Chamber. This is the underground area of the Cave of Wonders. Now swim around this chamber and you should find a monkey statue that I call the jade monkey (from The Simpsons, if you can remember) So go over to the jade monkey and use the Call on your menu to make him touch it and make it glow. Now exit this chamber to the Dark Chamber.

Swim up the waterfall in this chamber so you can touch the next jade monkey in this room. Then exit here to go to the Silent Chamber. Find the jade monkey in the Silent Chamber and then go to the Hidden Chamber.

In the Hidden Chamber stand on the platform and Lock-On to the pillar. Then you can strike it with your Keyblade and this will make it break. So then on the higher floors there will be an opening to a new area. So once you have destroyed the pillar exit the chamber and then go to the Hall. Now when you’re back on the top level you will need to fend off all of those Heartless again so be careful and try not to fall. Then go to the Bottomless Hall. In the Bottomless hall make your way to the other side with getting knocked off again, there are a lot of obstacles in here as well.

Then go into the Treasure Room. There are many things that you can get in this room, including a trinity. If you can’t reach a treasure chest in this room what you have to do is examine on of those faces on the floor that will blow you up to the treasure. Then when you’re ready save your game and equip some items and go into the Lamp Chamber.

Lamp Chamber: Final Boss Fights

Boss: Jafar

An easy fight. You only problem is Genie. Just Lock-On to Jafar and smack him around when you can reach him. When you are in this battle, don’t go into the centre area, it’s easier to stay on the outside. This is so Genie won’t follow you as much and the Blizzard Whirlwind can’t hit you. When he turns into a green spirit this is a good chance to heal yourself and your characters because he can’t do anything to you, but Genie will come after you instead.

After the battle you will get a Blizzard Magic upgrade. Talk to Jasmine for a cutscene and then go around the giant hole to the Treasure Room to save. Then go back and jump down the big hole.

Boss: Jafar (Genie)

This is a pretty easy battle as well. You have to Lock-On to the lamp that Iago is holding and attack it. Jafar will throw fire and boulders at you. If you need to heal, hide behind a pillar and use this time to rest. After the battle you will get a Fire Magic upgrade.

Why is it in a lot of movies and games when the last thing is done in a temple, dungeon or building is starts to crumble and fall down? Well that’s what’s happening at the moment, so you will have to ride the Magic Carpet out of the Cave of Wonders be dodging the falling rubble and other obstacles.

When you finally escape you will get some neat stuff. Including a new Key Chain, you will get to learn Genie as a summon and you will also learn how to use Green Trinities. So when you’re. Done go to a Save Point and return to the Gummi Ship. Then choose the next world in the north.