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AHH! My worst nightmares have come true any world but this one! Oh well, there’s nothing I can do about it so I’ll just have to be a man and put up with it. When you come to Atlantica, Donald will use his magic so you will be able to swim underwater. Now Sora is half dolphin, Donald is half octopus and Goofy is half turtle.

Then you will meet with Ariel and Flounder and you will have a talk with them. Then follow Flounder’s instructions and catch him. Destroy the Heartless and after another cutscene hit the clam with the Keyblade to reveal a Save Point.

To the Palace

Follow the Tridents to the Palace. So you have to go to the Undersea Valley first. Then to the Calm Depths. Battle your way to the Undersea Cave, then swim up to the Undersea Gorge. Then follow the Tridents here to Triton’s Palace.

Once you’re at the Palace, continue to swim forward to the other side to finally make it to Triton’s Throne. Once again there are a few Heartless here. You can also find a lot of clams in this area. If a clam is white, hit it with your Keyblade to open it. If a clam is yellow, cast Thunder on it. If a clam is blue cast Blizzard on it and if a clam is red cast Fire on it. After the cutscene head back to the Undersea Gorge. Enter Ariel’s Grotto then exit it for another cutscene. Now go to the Undersea Valley.

You have to destroy ALL the Heartless in the area before you can advance to the next area. Once you have done this, swim near the dolphin and hitch a ride on him to be taken to an new area; Sunken Ship.

Sunken Ship

This is one creepy place. Swim into the ship and collect the Crystal Trident from the chest, then exit the ship. Now be careful. The shark will attack you. He can be a little tricky, but if you can dodge most of his bites, you will defeat him easily. Now you have to go all the way back to Ariel’s Grotto. A tip to remember in the Sunken Ship area: When you arrive at this place and there are no Heartless to be seen, which means that there will be a shark attack. If there are Heartless, don’t worry about a thing.

Watch the cutscene and then head all the way back to Triton’s Throne by following the tridents on the walls. Watch another cutscene and back to the Sunken Ship. Examine the switch behind the ship hull and get Sebastian (My favorite character) to activate it. Now go through the newly opened cave to the Den of Tides. Head to the Cavern Nook and hit the clams with the Keyblade to find a Save Point. Then head to Ursula’s Lair.

Ursula’s Lair: Final Boss Fights

Boss: Ursula

This is a hard battle. When she throws a potion into her cauldron you have to use magic on the cauldron. When the cauldron is blue, cast Blizzard on it. When the cauldron is red, cast Fire on it. When the cauldron is yellow, cast Thunder on it. When the cauldron turned white after you pummel it with magic, start attacking Ursula, because she is stunned, and you can attack her.

Ursula uses an attack that looks like a buzz saw. This can be deadly if she hits you several times. When you run out or you are low on magic, attack the eels (Flotsam and Jetsam) to regain magic. After the battle you will learn Mermaid Kick. Equip it after the battle. Good chance to save the game because you still have another Boss to fight. Go to the Calm Depths and use Mermaid Kick and enter the entrance called ??? at the end of the tunnel. Equip items that reduce Thunder Damage too.

Boss: Big Ursula

I hate this battle, but it is a bit easier than the first Ursula. You have to Lock-On to her fat head and start hitting it. She can suck you up and bite you and she can blow bubbles, which explode. So she has both long-range and short range attacks. If you can manage to get on the side of her head or even better, the back of her head there will only be one attack that can reach you and that is her Thunder. Which never misses. After the battle you will get the Crabclaw Key Chain.

Board the Gummi Ship and head for the world after Monstro.