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Destiny Islands

What a strange dream. Sora will wake on the beach and you will meet up with the next character, she is one of Sora’s best friends and her name is Kairi. After you talk to her you will meet up with the next friend who is Riku. Then Sora, Riku and Kairi will race each other. Then when you gain control of Sora again Kairi will ask you to find some supplies for the raft. So see the table below on the location of the items. Then when you’re finished give them to her but tell her you don’t want to call it a day yet. Even if you did call it a day you can still battle these guys on the next day as well.

LOG: On the beach
LOG: On the island where Riku is
ROPE: On the platform behind Tidus
CLOTH: In the big tree-house

If you didn’t call it a day yet or you haven’t finished looking for the item yet you can talk to the other children of the beach. Then you can talk to them a second time and then you can fight them. This is a good way to gain up some levels easy and practice some more on the fighting. See all the fight files below on fighting the other children and the best way to fight.


Selphie is the easiest child to defeat out of the 4. She uses her skipping rope (or jump rope) as her weapon. Selphie is also the best way to gain levels quickly, but I’ll explain that in a minute. The way to beat her is to charge into her. Then attack. It is fairly easy to deflect her attacks with your Wooden Sword. When she uses her Tornado Swing she runs towards you while swinging the rope around her, she doesn’t stop doing this until you either deflect it or she hits you. Now it’s time to tell you about the leveling up. This is how you level up very quickly. Now all you have to do is start a battle and wait for her to use the Jump Swing. She jumps towards you and swings the rope at you. Now you swing your sword at the right time you should deflect it and it will hit her as well. This will get you 2 Tech Points. Now while she is staggering you runs about 5 feet away and she should do another Jump Swing. So repeat these steps over and over again until you don’t feel like fighting anymore. This is also a great way to level up because there is a glitch in the game for this way of fighting. When she gets hit with her rope she looses some HP. But when her HP is 0 even when she is hit with her own rope she doesn’t get KOed. So the battle goes on forever.


Wakka is the next character we’re going to have a look at. Wakka is pretty easy. He uses his Blitzball for a long-range attack. O the great thing about this is that you can dodge the thrown ball pretty easy. So just get close to him and start slapping him. But this is when he can both jump back and throw the Blitball or he can use his Spin Punch. When Wakka is using his Sneak Attack he will slowly walk towards you and when he gets close he jumps back and throws the ball at you. He won’t stop sneaking until he attacks you. When he uses his Super Throw he will yell out “Take this!” and jump into the air and throw the ball. The balls will make a blueish glow and move faster through the air (The attack reminds me of Wither Pass from FFX). Now you can smash back the ball with your sword if you swing at the right time. You will get some Tech Points for it too and if you deflect the ball and it hits Wakka he will start throwing balls into the air rather dazed. If you deflect back a Super Throw you will get more Tech Points.


Tidus is a little tougher than he looks. He uses a close-range weapon like you so this is going to be a quick and hard fight. The best thing to do when it comes to fighting Tidus is to wait for him to attack and dodge it then attack him while he is getting ready for his next attack. You will have to be on your toes when it comes to fighting Tidus because he is very quick, so you need to be equal and faster than him. It may take a little practice to get dodging and your speed better but soon enough you will be doing it easily.


I can’t decide if Riku is stronger or weaker than Tidus, but they fight similar. Riku has the same weapon as you, A Wooden Sword. Swing will do a normal amount of damage to you and so will Vortex. I think that his strongest attack may be his Drop Kick. When you do a combo on him he will fall back.

You will have to quickly move to the left or right straight after a combo because he jumps back up and kicks you. This does quite a bit of damage so you will need to be quick with this. Also Riku can jump really high and far. So running away will only get you so far. Also if you fall off the little island that you fight on you will automatically lose the fight so try to stay in the middle of it.

Then after you talk to Kairi and you call it a day you will see another cutscene.

Raft Preparations

Then after that is done you will jump onto the pier from your boat now it’s time for you to get some more things for Kairi. So go over to the area where she was standing yesterday and then go through the door. This is the Cove area. Now go to the raft and talk to her and she will ask you to collect some supplies. So read the table below to get the items.

MUSHROOM: In the bushes at the base of the flying fox.
MUSHROOM: Push the rock in front of the cave near Kairi.
MUSHROOM: In the secret place that Wakka shows you.
COCONUTS: Hit the trees near Kairi and pick up the green ones.
DRINKING WATER: Walk up to the waterfalls behind Wakka.
FISH: In the sea on the other side of the island.
SEAGULL EGG: In the smaller tree at the entrance to the Seaside Shack.

When collecting one of the items in the Secret Place you will see a cutscene. If you talk to Wakka he will show you where it is. The Secret place is at the base of the tree near the 2 waterfalls. Inside the Secret Place are drawing and scribbles al over the walls. If you look at some of them you can see a picture of Donald Duck and a Chocobo that has been crossed out. To me, I thought the picture of the Chocobo crossed out showed that there are no Chocobos in the game. Damn, what a shame.

Then when you pick up that mushroom you will meet a stranger. He will say some pretty stranger things to you and then he will disappear. So when you are done go to the cove and talk to Riku and he wants to name the raft the Highwind. Choose your own name and then you will have to race Riku across the cove, touch the giant star and then run back. The first person back will get to name the raft. If this is the first time you are playing, it might be hard for you to win but try your best. If you win the race you will get a Pretty Stone from Kairi.

Now go back to where the flying fox is. Do you see the box in the bushes near it? Pick it up and put in against the wall on this part of land. There is a cut out piece of rock and inside there is a chest with a Protect Chain. If you can’t see it use the First-Person-View (press Select) and have a look around, you should be able to see the cut out rock.

Now talk to Kairi again and give her all of the items and take a rest if you want to. Then you will watch a long cutscene, though it is very cool.

Darkness Invasion

When Sora goes back to the island something is terribly wrong. There is a huge storm and something very strange in the sky. There are heaps of Heartless all over the place. But with your Wooden Sword you cannot even hurt them, so run as fast as you can. Now go to the little island that Riku is standing on and watch him give his heart to darkness. Now you will have the Keyblade. With this weapon you have the power of light and you can defeat all of the Heartless. So you can fight as many of them as you want. When you want to continue with the game go back to the Secret Place and watch a cutscene. Then you will be up against an old friend again.

Boss: Darkside

Darkside is a huge monster with glowing eyes and a bad temper. To beat him you have to Lock-On to his wrists and slash away at them. It’s best to Lock-On to his right hand. When he uses Shadow Summon he digs his hand into the ground and a few Shadows will come out and attack you. You need to kill them off first so they are out of the way. When he goes on his knees he will use heart of Darkness, which he shoots several balls of darkness that home-in on you. If you can hit them back you can get some Tech Points. But just keep hacking at his wrists.