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Olympus Coliseum

When you arrive at the coliseum go through the doors to the Lobby. This is where you will meet up with Phil and he will mistake you for a friend of his. He tells you to go push the block across the room. Try to push it and when Sora says it’s too heavy go and talk to Phil again. Phil then turns around to see it isn’t whom he thought it was. Sora wants to enter the games but Phil doesn’t think he has what it takes, so he puts Sora up for some tests. The tests aren’t too hard, what you have to do is destroy all of the barrels before the time runs out. If there is a group of them attack the middle ones and you might be able to destroy all of them in the finishing blow.

When you complete both of the tests you will learn Thunder Magic but Phil still won’t let you into the games because you don’t have a ticket. So leave the Lobby and head towards the exit to the world and Hades will talk to you. He gives you a ticket so you can enter. So go and talk to Phil again and enter the Preliminaries. So save your game at the Save Point in the Lobby and then enter.

  1. 4 Soldiers, 3 Blue Rhapsodies
  2. 10 Shadows, 3 Blue Rhapsodies
  3. 5 Red Nocturnes, 5 Blue Rhapsodies
  4. 2 Shadows, 2 Soldiers, 3 Red Nocturnes, 3 Blue Rhapsodies
  5. 10 Blue Rhapsodies
  6. 1 Large Body, 4 Red Nocturnes, 4 Blue Rhapsodies
  7. Cloud


Now Cloud is a fast and tough character to beat. He will slash you and then guard so you can’t hurt him back. He can jump into the air and dig his Buster Sword into the ground (It looks like Auron’s Dragon Fang from FFX). And he can use Sonic Blade. Sonic Blade is when he shoots forward and in a wave of energy. He can do several at a time, then to finish it up he uses a Dragon Fang. Using Dodge Roll in this fight is a must if you are going to keep your HP up. Keep using combos and dodging and the battle will soon be over.

After the Preliminaries there will be an attack in the arena. Hades has released his Cerberus and Hercules is having trouble fending him off. So save your game again and put all of your best items to Sora and some other items to Donald and Goofy, then enter the arena again.

Boss: Cerberus

I hate this battle. This is the part of the game I dread. Okay when the battle starts Lock-On to one of the side heads. Then start using Dodge Rolls to avoid the Energy Blasts. When he roars towards the sky, Cerberus will lie down and start biting. This is when you start to attack it. Attack the side head you Locked-On to and then get out of its bite range when you finish a combo. Then when he gets up on his hind legs, get ready to jump because he will send a shock wave that will hurt you.

When he spews dark energy into the ground you can maybe attack him once or twice but then run away. Staying behind Cerberus is a good idea at this time because the dark pillar will shoot up at you. So keep moving and using Dodge Roll. Cerberus will also use Energy Blast after he uses Dark Breath as a combo. This is why you stay behind him so he can’t hit you with the energy. When you win the battle you get the Inferno Band.

As you go to leave the Coliseum you will meet up with Cloud at the front step and you will have a chat with him. He will then teach you the Sonic Blade ability, which is a great attack if you learn how to use it properly. So then leave the world and then you will get a transmission from Chip and Dale telling you that a tournament is being held at Olympus Coliseum. So go back and enter the tournament and win it.

9th Seed: 4 Powerwilds, 3 Soldiers
8th Seed: 1 Powerwild, 2 Green Requiems, 2 Red Nocturnes and 5 Yellow Operas
7th Seed: 4 Powerwilds, Guard Armor Legs
6th Seed: 5 Red Nocturnes, 5 Yellow Operas
5th Seed: 1 Large Body, 5 Powerwilds
4th Seed: Guard Armor Gauntlets, 4 Shadows and 3 Blue Rhapsodies
3rd Seed: 6 Green Requiems, 2 Large Bodies
2nd Seed: 4 Powerwilds, Guard Armor Gauntlets and Guard Armor Legs
1st Seed: 4 Blue Rhapsodies, 4 Yellow Operas and Guard Armor Torso

When you win the tournament you will learn Gravity Magic. Then you can go back to the Gummi Ship and head for the yellow warp hole.