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When you arrive in Wonderland you will see the White Rabbit and he is running late. So follow him through the doors into the Bizarre Room. This room is very Bizarre indeed. Firstly talk to the door knob and he will say that you’re too big to go through to the next area, so you will have to use the potions on the table to make yourself small. Don’t use them yet, while you’re still big examine the bed and you will be able to push it into the wall revealing the next area. Then go make yourself small with the potions.

While you’re small you will have to fight the Heartless. There is a new type of Heartless, which is a Fire Magic Based. This cute little thing is called the Red Nocturne. When you have fought all of the Heartless you want go through the opening and you will be in the Queen’s Courtyard where a court case is about to begin. It seems Alice is being blamed for what the Heartless tried to do to the Queen. And even though it’s meddling Sora and the gang are going to try to prove that Alice is innocent. So when you gain control you can use the Save Point in this area and then enter the Lotus Forest on the left side of this area.

Lotus Forest

When you enter Lotus Forest you will meet the Cheshire Cat and he has some weird things to say to you. Then he will tell you that there are 4 pieces of evidence that proves Alice is innocent. So use the table below to find all of the pieces you want. Beware though, there is a lot of Heartless around these areas. I recommend that you get all of the evidence so you learn Blizzard Magic and so the next boss is easier.

STENCH: Jump on the mushrooms and go into the Bizarre Room land on the cook-top to find the first piece of evidence.
FOOTPRINTS: Go to the area with the mushrooms to find this.
CLAW MARKS: Give a potion to the yellow flower near the entrance of the forest so you go back to normal size. Jump on the tree stump. Hit the tree with the nut in it and grow small again. Now climb on the mushrooms again and go back to the Bizarre Room from the new path. Jump on top of the cooker to find this evidence. It’s easy to see it with 1st person-view.
ANTENNA: Go to the mushrooms and jump to the one on the right to find this.

Once you have collected all of the evidence that you want go back to the Queen’s Courtyard. The Queen will put here evidence on the floor and then you can put yours down too. Because the Queen is lazy she cannot be bothered waiting you have to choose a piece of evidence to show. If you pick one of the evidence that you found Donald and Goofy won’t be captured, if you pick the Queen’s evidence Donald and Goofy will be captured and you will have to fight the next boss by yourself.

Boss: Cards and Tower

This is an easy fight if you have Donald and Goofy with you, if not it will be a little harder. Now the cards will attack you. You can fight them back until they are knocked out or you can just Lock-On to the tower and slash away at the wheels. If you have Donald and Goofy with you, you should attack the tower and let them fight the cards and if you are by yourself knock out a few cards then attack the tower.

When you destroy a wheel of the tower it will drop a lot of Munny, makes shore you pick up as much Munny as you can. Then when all of the wheels are broken, attack the body of the tower and pick up all the Munny as it crumbles. Then finish it off.

Now when that is over go back into Lotus Forest and go all the way through to the back end where the mushrooms are. There is an opening here so go through to the Tea Party Garden. The go through the door of the house and you will be in the Bizarre Room, only upside-down. Defeat the Heartless to get them out of the way and then jump to the lamps and light them up by selecting Touch on the menu. Light up both of the lamps and then leave the way you came.

Bizarre Room Showdown

Go all the way back to the Queen’s Courtyard and then save your progress. Now go into the Bizarre Room and get ready for a boss battle.

Boss: Trickmaster

This can be a tricky match (no pun intended). You can jump onto the chair and table jump at him from here, problem is you might run into his Juggling Sticks or he will hit you with them. His weakness is his belly, so you need to stay Locked-On to it as much as possible. He will go to the stove every so often and light up his Juggling Sticks. Now they will do more damage than before so you need to watch yourself.

Now when he drops HP Balls, pick up a few and attack him while he is down. He will use Slam sometimes as well. This isn’t really an attack but what it does is he hits the table or chair and make them go into the ground. So you can’t stay behind them or use them to jump on to reach him. When he uses Fire the best thing to do is run for it. If you can’t reach him you can always use Fire on him which homes-on if you are Locked-On. When the battle is over you will get Ifrit’s Horn and a Navi-G piece.

Now you are finished with this world you will lock your first Key Hole, this is what you will have to do after each world. Now with that done go back to the Gummi Ship from the Save Point and then head for the next world on the right.