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Traverse Town Part 2

Doesn’t it feel good to be back? Okay when you arrive go to the Second District and then go into the Hotel. Use one of the rooms so you can go to the Alley. Now go over to the water area of the Alley and you will see rows of metal bars and if you look closely there is a Red Trinity on the ground in front of the bars, so activate it so you smash through the bars and go into the sewers. Then go talk to Leon. Then talk to Leon for a second time to get the Earthshine off of him. Then go all the way back to the First District and talk to Cid in the Accessory Shop.

When you talk to Cid he will tell you about a book that he has been fixing up for a friend of his. So get the book off of him and go to the Third District and go over to the door with the picture of the flame on it. Does that give you an idea? Cast Fire onto the door to unlock it. Then go inside to the Mystical House. When you get close to one of the stepping-stones they will begin to move, so wait for them to start moving before you jump so you know when the best time to jump is.

Enter the Empty Room for a cutscene and then the house’s owner will arrive. It’s Merlin from the Sword in the Stone. He will take out his things from his bag and then talk to him about the book. Then when you give it to him go and talk to the Fairy Godmother and she will turn the Earthshine into your first Summon, which is Simba.

Then leave the Mystical house and then head for the Small House, which is near the exit from the Third District to the Second District. Talk to everyone and then when you’re done go back to the Accessories Shop and talk to Cid. He will put the Warp-G on your ship you can now warp to worlds that you have been to before and it will also open up warps holes on the world map screen so you can go to new areas and worlds. When you are done you better get yourself ready for the boss which is coming up.

Go to the Second District and then go through the Gizmo Shop. There will be a ladder next to you. Climb up it to reach the roof of the Gizmo Shop, there are plenty of Heartless up here which you should get rid off so they are out of the way. Then activate the Red Trinity Smash in front the wooden wall and pull on the rope 3 times so you reveal the Key Hole for Traverse Town and you can fight the boss. So jump down from the roof and walk towards the fountain for the boss battle.

Boss: Opposite Armour

Oh great, look who’s back and is tougher than ever. Once again, use similar tactics when you fought Guard Armor. Lock-On to one part, then press Triangle until both Donald and Goofy are fighting that body part. When you have defeated both the arms and legs and only the torso remains this is when it can get a little tough.

Now he will use the Torso Cannon. His is when he builds up dark energy and shoots it at you from the bottom of his torso. When he does this he usually flies back and shoots from a distance, this is pretty hard to dodge. He is very quick when he moves now, so do your best and use plenty of combos.

Now with that done you can lock Traverse Town. So save your progress and head back to the Gummi Ship and go to the world on the bottom which you haven’t been to yet.