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Welcome to the game, firstly you will see a very cool FMV, which doesn’t seem to make much sense. Then you will see our main character, Sora. He appears to be on some sort of platform. Then he will hear a voice. The voice will tell you what to do, so make sure that you do what it says. This part of the game is your training so you can get a basic feel for the game. First you will be taught how to move. So move to the center of the platform and then 3 weapons will appear.

What you have to do here is choose a weapon, this is the weapon that you keep. Then you will have to choose a weapon you wish to lose, this is the power that won’t be strong with you. Depending on what you are choosing depends on your status in the game, see the table below for all the info. For example: If you choose the Sword, your Strength will be a bit higher, if you choose he Shield your Defense will be a little higher and if you loose the Staff you will have more MP. Then If you loose the Sword, your Strength will be a bit lower, if you loose he Shield your Defense will be a little lower and if you loose the Staff you will have less MP.

Shield Staff 2 5 4 1
Shield Sword 2 4 4 3
Staff Shield 3 5 1 3
Staff Sword 3 3 3 3
Sword Shield 2 6 1 3
Sword Staff 2 6 2 1

Now you will go to a new platform. The voice this time will tell you how to fight. The weapon that you chose earlier is what you will use to fight with. Then some stranger creatures will appear, so fight them off with your weapon, this shouldn’t be too hard. Once that is done you will go to the next platform.

On this platform you will see a door, which is slightly transparent. Go over and learn how you can examine things. Then a treasure chest will appear. Walk over to it and open it the way that you examined the door. Then smash open the box with your weapon so you get a Potion. Then a barrel will appear so you pick it up or break it if you want. By now the door will be solid so you can open it now. So go through it to the next area.

We are on Destiny Islands now. Here is where you can also change the coarse of the game. Here you have to answer 3 questions that each of the 3 characters here will ask you. Depending on the answer that you give then depends on how fast that you will level up in the game. If you want to the level up quickly you should pick all of the top answers. If you want to the level up normally you should pick all of the middle answers and if you want to the level up slowly you should pick all of the bottom answers. Or you could just see the table below on how fast you will level up when you have answered all 3 questions because the voice will tell you what time your adventure will start.

DAWN: Easy Leveling Up.
MIDDAY: Medium Leveling Up.
DUSK: Hard Leveling Up.

Now we are back in this place again. So on this next platform defeat all of the Heartless here and then you will be tough on how you can use Save Points. You can save your progress here if you want to. Then when the bridge appears go along it to reach your first boss battle, don’t worry, he’s weak.

Boss: Darkside

Darkside is a huge black monster with glowing eyes and a bad temper. To beat him you have to Lock-On to his wrists and slash away at them. It’s best to Lock-On to his right hand. When he uses Shadow Summon he digs his hand into the ground and a few Shadows will come out and attack you. You need to kill them off first so they are out of the way. When he goes on his knees he will use heart of Darkness, which he shoots several balls of darkness that home-in on you. If you can hit them back you can get some Tech Points. But just keep hacking at his wrists. When the battle is over it will be time to wake up.