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Olympus Coliseum Part 2

Now you can go enter in the next tournament. So go talk to Phil in the Lobby and enter the Pegasus Cup. See the Fight File below the list of seeds for strategies on the final fight.

9th Seed: 2 Search Ghosts, 1 Bandit and 3 Air Soldiers
8th Seed: 2 Bandits, 3 Barrel Spider and 4 Shadows
7th Seed: 1 Fat Bandit, 2 Large Bodies, 1 Pot Spider and 1 Barrel Spider
6th Seed: 5 Pot Spider, 3 Yellow Opera and 2 Green Requiems
5th Seed: 2 Fat Bandits, 4 Search Ghost
4th Seed: 3 Black Funguses
3rd Seed: 5 Pot Spiders, 5 Barrel Spider
2nd Seed: 3 Fat Bandits, 2 Large Bodies
1st Seed: Leon & Yuffie

Leon and Yuffie

This can be a little tricky because of the fact that you have to fight 2 characters at the same time. When the battle starts I always go fight Yuffie first for 2 reasons. 1, her Shuirken is a long-range weapon and 2, because she is really annoying to fight. The strategy when it comes to her is this. She seems to like jumping away from you and then throw her Shuirken. So when you get close to her she will jump away, so you need to get in a combo as fast as you can so you hit her.

The problem with fighting Yuffie is that her attack will hit you 90% of the time because it homes-in on you. You will have to move extremely quickly to be able to dodge the attacks. Now both Leon and Yuffie have an attack called Power. This is when the battle gets harder because their weapons get bigger and they do more damage.

Now when you fight Leon you will have to keep moving. Leon walks and that’s his weakness, he hardly ever moves quickly. He does though, do a jump slash attack which can take a big chunk out of your HP if you are not concentrating. Keep your combos, speed and HP up and you should be able to take him out.

When you’re done with the tournament take the lower path from Agrabah this time and get ready for the worst music in the game.