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Olympus Coliseum – Hercules Cup

Now you can go enter in the next tournament. So go talk to Phil in the Lobby and enter the Hercules Cup. See the Fight Files below the list of seeds for strategies on the hard fights.

9th Seed: 5 Gargoyles, 3 Shadows
8th Seed: 1 Air Pirate, 2 Barrel Spiders, and 4 White Knights
7th Seed: 4 Pirates, 1 Battleship
6th Seed: 4 Gargoyles, 3 Wight Knights
5th Seed: 1 Truffle
4th Seed: Cloud
3rd Seed: 2 Pirates, 1 White Knight, 2 Air Pirates, and 2 Gargoyles
2nd Seed: 2 Pirates, 1 Air Pirate, and 2 Battleships
1st Seed: Hercules



Now Cloud is a fast and tough character to beat. He will slash you and then guard so you can’t hurt him back. He can jump into the air and dig his Buster Sword into the ground (It looks like Auron’s Dragon Fang from FFX). And he can use Sonic Blade. Sonic Blade is when he shoots forward and in a wave of energy. He can do several at a time, then to finish it up he uses a Dragon Fang.

Using Dodge Roll in this fight is a must if you are going to keep your HP up. Keep using combos and dodging and the battle will soon be over. Now when you fight him this time he has a new move called Flight. He will power up and start flying around the arena and slash you. The only way you can get away from this is to run. He won’t stop attacking until he powers down and stops. Also this time when he uses Sonic Blade he will use it a lot. You will receive the Metal Chocobo Key Chain when you defeat Cloud.


When the battle starts Hercules will glow yellow. This is him in his Invincible stage, so don’t even think about touching him. But there is a way to stop him nonetheless. Barrels will appear all over the arena, so pick up and wait for Hercules to flex his muscles and say “Hey, give up yet?”. Then he will lunge forward and punch. So stay a bit of a distance away from him when he does this. Then when Herc is still throw the barrel at him and this will get rid of his Invincibility. Now you can attack him.

When he starts running around the only way you can stop him is to deflect him when he runs into you using your Keyblade. Also when you are using combos be a bit careful because if you see Herc charging up and yelling (DBZ style) make sure you get away fast because he makes a shield around him and makes an explosion inside it. So you need to get far away enough to not get caught in the shield.

You’ll learn the Yellow Trinity Push when you win the Hercules Cup.