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End of the World

Walk forward for a cutscene. Now walk to the first chest. Opening chests here can result in battles. These battles can be tough if you’re not ready. There are Invisibles, Angel Stars and Behemoths here, so watch yourself. Once you have opened all the chests all the way to the end enter the giant white portal thing. When inside jump all the way down, where you will find a Save Point (USE IT!!) then jump into the white hole.

Use the white orbs to move to the next area. Use the green orbs to go back an area, and walk into the red pillars to enter a world. In each world you will fight a handful of Heartless, then pick up a chest to exit and continue. When you reach the red pillar that takes you to 100 Acre Wood, SAVE YOUR GAME.

When you end up in a hallway, go into the room on the right and examine the computer screen for a story, this is a strange poem sort of thing that is worth reading. What it means it not confirmed but it has lead to many theories about Kingdom Hearts 2. Then go back through the Warp hole in the hall.

Boss: Chernabog

Cast Aero, Lock-on and ATTACK! If you can get behind his head it will make this battle easier. But when he attacks with the lava from the volcano, watch out. If you need healing, fly far away and then heal. After the battle you will learn Superglide. Now enter the volcano.

Defeat wave, after wave, after wave of the powerful Heartless, and the door will break piece-by-piece. Always stay at a high HP here. After the door is broken, you will have unlocked the Final Rest area.

THE Final Fights of Kingdom Hearts

Final Rest is called FINAL REST for a reason. This is the last chance to save and stock up on supplies. You can go on the Gummi Ship from here and come back later if you feel you are not ready. If you think you are ready, Examine the door, then open it. This sure looks familiar. Go to the Secret Place and get ready for a boss.

Boss: Ansem and Shadow Guardian

This. Is. Annoying. Lock-on and beat the living snot out of him! Keep Aero on at all times and be prepared to heal. When Ansem says “Submit!” Watch out. His Shadow Guardian will pick a party member and hurt them every so often. If the shadow picks you, watch your Menu. Attack will change to Freeze and the shadow will grab you. Other from that, he’s easy. That and the fact that he keeps flying away from you. After the battle give Sora nothing but Elixirs. Then head into the mountain.

Boss: Darkside

Hey, where has he been all this time? Darkside is a huge black monster with glowing eyes and a bad temper. To beat him you have to Lock-On to his wrists and slash away at them. It’s best to Lock-On to his right hand. When he uses Shadow Summon he digs his hand into the ground and a few Shadows will come out and attack you. You need to kill them off first so they are out of the way.

When he goes on his knees he will use heart of Darkness, which he shoots several balls of darkness that home-in on you. If you can hit them back you can get some Tech Points. But just keep hacking at his wrists.

Boss: Ansem and Shadow Guardian

Same tactics as before, but this time you’re alone. He has 2 new attacks. When the shadow starts flying from the ground, just keep running and he won’t hit you. Also, They will charge at you, which nothing but a few Dodge Rolls will keep you safe.

Boss: Ansem

Lock-on, cast Aero and hit away. Nothing special. Just fly away when you need to heal. Once you have beaten him you will be in darkness. Kill all the Shadows here and then kill the orb that appears to be back outside.

Now you have to take out the tentacles near where Ansem lies. Take them out and go into the new portal. Now you have top kill heaps of Darkballs. Then destroy the orb that appears, and you will get Goofy back.

Now focus your attention to the head at the front. This will be quick to kill. Just be weary of its lightning attacks. Remember to just fly back when you need to heal yourself! Then enter its mouth and fight off all the Invisibles to get Donald back into your party.

The shield that was protecting the core will now smash. So Lock-on to the core (It looks like it has a face) and thwack away at it. Then get ready.


Just like last times, only now you have Donald and Goofy with you. Keep Aero up at all times and heal when you’re low. After a bit of slapping, you will defeat Ansem. That’s it. You’ve done it. Congratulations! Now watch the credits and the movie at the end.

If you have locked all of the worlds (including 100 Acre Wood) and you have collected all 100 Dalmatians you can watch a special clip at the end that gives you a taste of Kingdom Hearts 2. Congrats! You’ve beaten the game!