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Hollow Bastion

Jump on the platforms to find Riku, You will lose Donald and Goofy, so the Beast will join your party. Now you will only have the Wooden Sword as a weapon so you won’t be able to fight some of the Heartless, and there would be no point anyway because you will barely scratch them. Then make you way up the platforms and to reach the Castle Gates. Go right and activate the Crystal Switch and jump on the elevator that appears.

Dodge the Heartless and jump into the bubble that takes you to the Waterway. Jump into the next air bubble. Release the blue switches and open and close gates, when you finish this easy puzzle hit the switch the opens the door at the Castle gates. Backtrack to the Castle gates and enter the newly unlocked door.

Into the Castle

Boss: Riku

After all the fighting you have been doing, this battle shouldn’t be too much trouble. Using Aero and dodging you will be able to avoid most of Riku’s attacks. Riku has a new weapon, a Dark Sword. Swing will do a normal amount of damage to you and so will Vortex. I think that his strongest attack may be his Drop Kick.

When you do a combo on him he will fall back. You will have to quickly move to the left or right straight after a combo because he jumps back up and kicks you. This does quiet a bit of damage so you will need to be quick with this. Also Riku can jump really high and fall. So running away will only get you so far

Go into the Library on the left side of the upper level. Collect the missing books and return them to their rightful place within the Library. Press the Red Button on the wall and go to the upper area of the lobby-type area. Cast Thunder on the contraption in the center of the room to activate the platforms.

Pieces to Unlock the Door

You have to collect the Emblem Pieces to unlock the door. So look at the table below on the locations of the emblems.

1ST PIECE: Break all the pots to get this piece.
2ND PIECE: Light all the candles with Fire.
3RD PIECE: Activate the Red Trinity at the base of the statue for this piece.
4TH PIECE: Push the statue to find the last piece in a chest.

This is your last time to save before a boss, so you better do it. Change the destination of the lift by touching the Red Crystal. Make it go up. Then hop on the Lift. Then defeat the Heartless here and touch the Blue Crystal to go up. Now hit the Red Crystal to be transported to a big lift. When the lift stops, beat the Heartless and touch the new crystal to make it continue.

When you reach land, go through the door. Take the lift up a level then exit out the door. Now at the Great Crest, take the next lift up. Go through the Lift Stop. Hit the 2 Red Crystals so the blocks fall and then you can enter the Castle Chapel.

Final Boss Fights

Boss: Maleficent

Lock-On and attack the boulder that she is using to fly around on. Leave Donald and Goofy to fight the Defenders. When the Boulder falls, Lock-On to Maleficent and start to smash her. She may use Fury, which can be difficult to get away from. And when she’s had enough she will knock you off the boulder and start floating around again. She may even turn into a spirit and fly around, this is the time you heal and attack the Defenders.

Save and enter the warp hole.

Boss: Maleficent (Dragon)

This is one of the hardest fights in the game. Cast Aero and hit her head, by gliding over her flames and attacking her. There is rumble on the side of the arena that you can jump on and she can’t hit you. The only thing that can reach you is her Homing Fire, which isn’t that strong anyways. When you are ready, Glide over the flames and attack her head, then when you need to heal go back to the rubble.

When she swings her tail you can jump over it back she does it very quickly and it does do a bit of heavy damage if used a lot. After the battle you will get the Fireglow. Now save and continue.

Go through the Lift Stop to the Grand Hall. Climb up the stairs.

Boss: Riku

Just like last time, keep yourself on a high amount of HP and casting Aero when you need to. You should glide when he starts doing his own version of Sonic Blade because it is the only way you are not going to get as much damage.

When he uses Dark Explosion get ready to heal because this is hard to get away from. Just keep using as many Dodge Rolls and combos you can do and the battle will soon be over. After the battle Sora will learn Ragnarok.

Once you obtain control again, you have to backtrack. You can’t use the lifts now, so just jump off the edge until you reach the castle entrance. Then enter the door for another cutscene and you will be automatically be taken to…

Traverse Town

After all the talking, go to Cid in the First District and he will tell you about a Gummi Part he stowed away. Now head for the Secret Waterway. Look at the mural of the moon to get the Navi-G. Kairi will give you the Oathkeeper Key Chain as you leave. So go back to Cid and he will install the new Gummi. Board the Gummi Ship and head towards the Dark Warphole that appears on the map.

Back to Hollow Bastion: One More Fight

Go all the way to the Great Chapel and then head to the Great Hall. Prepare yourself and enter the Dark Depths.

Boss: Behemoth

This is easier than it looks. Cast Aero and then jump on to his back and start smashing his horn. His Lightning attack is his only problem because it is nearly impossible to dodge. Blitz will do a good amount of damage to the horn.

Now after you have watched the cutscene, go to the Library. Talk to Aerith and give you the last of the Ansem Reports. Talk to Aerith again to get Curaga. Now go upstairs in the Library and talk to Belle. She will give you the Divine Rose Key Chain.

Go to the Gummi Ship. The Hades Cup is now open. Head for your final destination, End of the World.